complete redo of a first run browning hi-power

Discussion in 'DIY Projects' started by bobpima, Apr 25, 2011.

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    i found this hand gun in a basement of a relative whos husband was in world war 2 the gun is lets just say in need of alot of tlc lots of build up to the point where theres a half inch of build up in some places but the steel looks to be in great condition i was so sad still had a full mag in it from the 40's i took it to my gun smith he told me in the shape its in its not worth much even with its age but if where to be redone it could be worth a bit of course im going to go completely original period grips ive ordered a new spring set now as for the gun its self i was thinking of having it glass bead blasted so i can re blue it but not sure any suggestions im stoked its going to be nice
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    I think it means more to fix up a family gun by a family member. By all means do it yourself, just go slow and careful. the HP is a fine gun.
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    Assuming that this is not "patina", but significant rust- get a can of Kroil. It is made by Kano Labs, if you cannot find it locally, get on the internet. remove grips. Soak entire pistol in a generous slather of Kroil, wrap in plastic, let set for a day.

    This is the best penetrating oil I have ever seen. beats PB Blaster. After it has soaked, start with a COPPER pot scrubber, like Chore Boy- or fine BRONZE wool (Chore Boy easier to find). Do wear gloves with Kroil.