Complete Off-Rack Conversion

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    This tread is in response to those who wonder wether or not it's better to buy an off the rack gun and improve it or build from the ground up. I'm making the case for off the rack. Building is cheaper but there is something to having your cake and eating it too. This rifle started life as a DPMS AP4 flat top. It had a carbine fore end and a collapsible stock. It also came with a removable carry handle. New parts are:

    Trigger Guard, CTR Stock, Vertical Fore Grip, MOE Advanced Grip, PMags and MBUS Sights
    Troy Industries: 15" Free-Float Alpha Rail, Low-Profile Gas Block, Barrel Nut, and QD Sling Mounts
    Viking Tactics: Padded Vtac Sling

    My point is that buying a rifle and upgrading it is a good idea not only do you have spare parts but you learn what you do and do not want on your future "build" projects.

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    Valid point but if you already know what your doing you shouldn't make mistakes also for the build you can get exactly what you want without saying well this isn't all that bad. Also people that have multiple ar15 type riflemhaventhe ability to swap parts and normally already have extra parts.mor just the ability to swap uppers