Competitive shooting doesn't have to be expensive

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    A few years ago, while in the army, i was issued an m24 sws (sniper weapon system) to compete in the national sniper competitions.

    i woud shoot local f-class competitions with it for practice. i scored on average 186 out of a possible 200 at 1000 yds and 194 out of a possible 200 at 600 yards. ( not too shabby but still not in the top 10)

    the weapon ( an acurized remington 700 topped with a 10x leupold m3a scope) costs app. $6k. most of my fellow f-class competitors shot custom built rifles ( avg. costing $5k). so i built my own (with my limited budget).

    Mauser .308 caliber bolt action rifle. I built this gun for long range shooting. I bought a unused Argentina 1935 action and fitted it with a Parker Hale 26 inch .308 bull barrel. It was pillar bedded and barrel free floated into a Bell and Carson composite stock. It has a Timney match trigger and is topped with a BSA mil-dot illuminated reticule 6-24 x 50mm scope. I used it to drop groundhogs at 500 yards and competed with it in several F-Class long range matches. It has zeroes for 100-1000 yards and is quite accurate. I have shot a 196 out of a possible 200 at 600 yards and a 184 out of 200 at 1000 using M852 Military Match ammo (total cost was app. $600 including the $100 scope)

    i shot basically similar scores with my $600 rifle as i did with the $6,000 rifle in the f-class matches.

    btw, my sniper team placed 9th place in 1997 and 6th in 2000 out of 37 teams at the national sniper competitions.
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    just proves a point i have made many times over the years. many times it's not just the rifle, but the person behind the trigger.

    very impressive Sniper. good looking rig too. :D

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    very nice looking rig! well done! thanks for your service!
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    Chuck Yeager, a true American heroes was known to say, "it is the man, not the machine." I think this may be a good example.

    I bet you gall some folks using a complete system that cost less then 1/4 of what their scopes cost.
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    I bet that made some competitors mad.
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    Oops double post.
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    Very nice build, good job.

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    I have always believed that most guns are far more acurate then the people shooting them.
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    You are 110% RIGHT but if you have the skill base or just pure talent, its a damn shame to be equipment limited. A great shooter can even compensate for bad equipment at modest ranges.

    Example: I used to do some short order cooking in my younger days. Quality equipment makes producing excellent results a lot easier.

    When I miss, I want to make damn sure its me and not the equipment.

    PS: On occasion, sometimes even a low cost rifle leaves the manufacturers floor perfect.
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    I want to start shooting in competitions with my bone stock M1903..... I figure people 100 years ago could shoot 800-1000 yards with open sights, why cant I??? :)
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    I have always wanted along rang riffle in 308 or similar caliber . I have thought about using a mouser action also because there cheep . Well not anymore . My next pick would be a Stevens or a savage action and then I could build my dream riffle . Nice riffle I like your set up i still haven't decided on mine to use a laminated or synthetic stock and also what custom brand barrel I want to use .