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I was wondering what are some of the things that make it harder for you to shoot in competitions?
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Too much coffee, not enough food.
The heat can play a big part. Have seen many times where anti-fog has failed on shooting glasses. Nothing worse than having glasses fog in the middle of a string and can't see a thing.
A Range officer that insists on shooting the stage for me verbally while I am shooting.

I used to shoot Cowboy action matched but the guy that they let RO is a know-it-all who alsways has that "one of a kind" Rarity gun. He also insits on giving un wanted advice and getting PO'd when you refuse his advice.
I quit shooting because he wouldn't shut up and when I spoke to the match directors they didn't want to do anything about it since the y would loose him and his 2 friends. They ended up loosing at least 5 shooters due to him.
There was this one gent that thought he would "suggest" a way to shoot a shotgun match at a combined "USPSA-Cowboy" shotgun shoot one time.. He got all offended and now calls all of us action shooters except CAS "jerks" because the guy refused to listen to him and did things his own way.. Pardon me, but if this was a combined match, maybe you should also read the rules for the other shooters to know that "coaching" is frowned upon.

It's too bad.. but that's ok, I didn't listen to him either. If they want to talk.. I ignore them anyway, it's just so much noise once I start firing..
Stay hydrated. Don't chow down a big lunch, you will shoot crappy for the
next hour or so. Don't get overheated. Equipment screwing up on you can
really mess with your head---get everything running 100%.

Probably the one thing that will make me shoot crappy is ME. Stay cool,
focus, stay smooth.

Background---I've been shooting USPSA for over 6 years now. Currently
B class in all Divisions, and certified as a Chief Range Officer.

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Not enough sleep
Too much caffeine
Not enough food
Not enough fluids especially in the summer time
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