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    I Want to start competing but not sure where to start any tips, rules, events coming up, qualifications, equipment needed, any info on these things would be nice
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    Well--you are posting in the Glock forum, so we can probably rule out
    Bullseye and SASS (cowboy) competition.

    USPSA, IDPA, GSSF and Steel Challenge are probably your choices.

    Where are you? Availability of local clubs/matches in your area will
    probably narrow the field a bit.

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    First, find out where your local ranges are...and decide how far you want to drive/ride.

    I find motorcycling to be more cost-effective...especially if you have hard-side bags to secure your sidearm in :D
    Much to be said for a cheap 1980's twin Yamaha or Honda with a trunk!!

    Once you know where your ranges are, they should have internet pages which tell you what days which groups are there...
    IDPA & GSSF are pretty much made to order for Glocks :D
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    Here is a link to clubs near you that hold USPSA matches.

    I would suggestthat you go and watch a match and see if that
    would be something you might be interested in. There is safety
    training or a safety check of some sort before you can compete in
    USPSA. Sone of the clubs also do IDPA,if that is more to your liking.
    Go to a match, ask questions--shooters are a friendly bunch. Don't
    go buying a lot of equipment until you shoot a few matches. With a
    Glock you will probably want to start in Production division, or maybe
    Limited 10 or Limited.


    USPSA Shooting is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. I got hooked about 10 years
    ago. Now have pistols and gear for all 6 divisions, and a 20,000 round
    a year habit. You have been warned.:)
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    The easiest to try without buying or borrowing a lot of gear are Steel Challenge and GSSF.

    For Steel Challenge, you will need a holster, but you don't absolutely have to have anything else that didn't come with your Glock (assuming you bought it new).

    GSSF matches don't require competitors to draw, so you don't even need a holster. I don't know how many rounds they shoot on a typical stage, and I don't know which Glock you have, so you might need an extra mag or two.

    All of these organizations have websites with their rules posted.