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Discussion in 'XD Forum' started by Dibby, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. Dibby

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    Hi all.

    Just picked up my XD-45 Tactical. I will be shooting it in IDPA and was wondering if anyone had any experience with comptetition sights on this model and could make some suggestions/recommendations. I have seen a pic of the Dawson fixed with a wide-notch rear and it is close to what I am looking for. (Narrow front, wide rear/fiber optic)


  2. GunnBugg

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    So long as they are IDPA legal, it's all good! I use the stock 3 dot. Sometimes I black out the rear dots. Any sight that lets you clearly see the front site will serve you well. Certainly a bright fiber should work well.

    That being said, have you tried to shoot a match, or a dot drill, with the standard sites. You may not really need a new set. After all, the beauty of IDPA is its aversion to equipment upgrades. However, pimping one's pistol to make it unique is certainly an admirable thing.