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    I will be shooting from a power chair, I have read the rules for the NRA Bullseye which state the chair must have no arms. This is all well and good except I'm in a power chair. I know there are a lot of competitors who are disabled in wheel chairs; will they allow the power chair I'm in to compete?
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    Good question.

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    TWO rimfire benchrest matches this weekend In Michigan's Upper Peninsula


    Real steel Rams at 200 yards. :)
    The others are EZ.

    Here is a flier on our first RFC sponsored Benchrest Silhouette Shoot.
    Saturday, July 9th

    On Sunday, July 10th, we are sponsoring an RFC Approved BR match on the USBR target.
    Here is a direct link to our Sunday "YooperShoot"
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    Sorry for the mistake in posting those fliers . . .

    It was a mistake :

    But I think I can answer that question about arms on the wheelchair.

    NRA will give a permit to a handicapped shooter who needs special consideration. I am in a wheelchair, and sent pictures of myself in each of the 4 standard positions. Prone, Sitting, Kneeling and standing.

    For Standing, (well we can't really stand) but the only requirement was that my arms (elbows) could not touch the arms of the chair.

    For Sitting, both arms can be supported by the arms of the chair.

    For Kneeling, the elbow supporting the forearm of the rifle could be placed on the arm of the chair. The arm of the trigger finger hand must not touch the arm of the chair.

    For Prone: Well When I was young I just shot prone like all those guys who can still stand up. Now that I am old, fat and lazy, I have turned to Benchrest. It's sport where we don't have to take or give a handicap.

    Prone matches are like that too, but when your get old: Oh the pain, and that goes for those stand-up guys who are over 50 too.