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Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by ctshooter, Nov 23, 2013.

  1. ctshooter

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    So I am trying to figure out which comp to get. Any input would be great, but please have a "why" included. Been reading about bcm gunfighter mod 0 and battlecomp 2.0 they seem pretty even on performance with the battlecomp edging out the bcm ever so slightly, but is the difference enough for the price increase ?
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    I've since gotten a Battlecomp 2.0, but haven't had the pleasure of using a BCM unit. Its a nice jack of all trades type compensator, brake, flash hider, much better than the Spikes dynacomp, marginally better than the PWS and Rainer Arms.

    My definite favorite is the Surefire Mb556k.
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  3. broke-again124

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    I love my pws fsc 30 on my .308 rifles. It seems to drastically reduce felt recoil. Not sure about the 5.56 models but I would def look into them. They also serve as a medium grade flash suppressor.
  4. Mercator

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    If you got a standard semi-auto 5.56, a simple comp will work just as well (or poorly) as a $100 state of the art. This has been my experience with them. I have also seen a slow motion video footage demonstrating very little difference in the muzzle rise.
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    The Rainier XTC is like night and day on one of my AR's, NO muzzle rise to slow second shots and seems to reduce sound for the shooter by sending everything sideways. My Rainier equipped rifle shoots like a bb gun. I just installed a Vltor extended compensator on another AR but have not compared it as yet. Both comps are in the $55 range.
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    I have the Seekins Precision on my 300 Blackout. Muzzle climb/recoil is a non factor. Doubt on the other hand? It is loud as hell! I had shot another 300 blackout without hearing protection an was fine. Tried that with mine and my ears were ringing. This thing is a sound amplifier.

    I put the Spikes Dynacomp on my last build and shot it yesterday. Feels like shooting a 22lr! :) recoil was very little. Watching my brother during rapid fire, muzzle climb almost non existent. When you are shooting gun sound is pushed out and away from shooter. Louder when standing off to the side of shooter.

    Now I have stood next to someone shooting my blackout and it is loud loud and you can feel the concussion every time trigger is pulled. That is not near as bad standing next to the Dynacomp. I felt no concussion wave with it.

    Now I don't have any experience with the other comps mentioned, so I really can't compare to them.