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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by od2469, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. od2469

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    I recently walked in my LGS and saw a G17C. I've been wanting to get a G17 but I saw the 17C and loved the way it looks with the ported barrels. What's the difference in either gun and what's the purpose if the ported barrels? I'm really considering the 17C because I've never seen a compensated Glock. Which Glock should I get and why?
  2. SSGN_Doc

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    What do you want to use it for. If it's for competition or fun range use, tehn teh comped barrel may be useful. If it is for defense, you have some things to consisder.

    9mm is a higher pressure and somewhat high velocity round as far a psitol rounds go. Compensated barrels will take advantage of using some of the high pressure gas to reduce muzzle climb or muzzle flip by venting some of the gas upward and driving the muzzle down a bit. The downside of doing this is often a bit more noise and more flash right up into your line of sight. So if this is a defensive gun that would possibly be used in low light, you have to take that into consideration. There are low flash powders out there, and low flash loads, or subsonic loads, that are also low flash, but may not do much with regard to making the comp work.

    Some competitions won't let you use a compensated pistol, or will make you shift into a different competative class if you do use a compensated gun.

  3. DarinCraft

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    I agree. I bought a g21c and for range use it's great. I would not use it for comp use because idpa does not allow comped guns. Additionally I would not use it for cc,....well because the thing is huge. But I don't think I would carry a comped gun because of the flash... no evidence to support it, that's just my two cents.
  4. od2469

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    I finally got the G17C as put 150 rds through it and it performed flawlessly. I wouldn't expect anything less from Glock. I love it and now I'm considering buying more compensated models. Next will either be the G19C or the G23C. But for now I'm going to shoot the 17C more and enjoy it. The muzzle flash or the flash from the ports on the barrel isn't to bad and I would consider it for concealed carry. I absolutely love this gun!

  5. mahall

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    Just bought the 19!! Love the fact that I can carry such a dependable, high capacity weapon 15+1 with another mag in the "hanger" sure gives me plenty to sleep good about-:)
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    Walked into LGS and they had a Glock 23C and an Advantage Arms 22 conversion kit. Package had 2 13 round 40 mags and 3 22 mags. I parted company with 850 bucks, but it is only money.

    This is my fifth Glock in 25 years. First compensated barrel.

    I would say it changes nothing for recoil, however, it does reduce muzzle flip or raise.

    It is no real concern, the noise, flash or smoke in your face, shooting compensated Glocks, according to reviews I have read.

    Cleaning a compensated Glock is really no more work, that I see so far.

    A stick shift car is more fun to drive, and a compensated Glock is more fun to shoot. IMHO.

    Gave my wife her Beretta Storm back, and the 23C is my new carry gun.