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  1. janikphoto

    janikphoto New Member

    I'll be handling some glocks at the local gun show at the end of the month, but thought I'd seek your input beforehand...

    I'll probably end up with a glock as a CCW, and I wondered if any of you have compared the 19 to the 26. If I got the 26, I'd get a mag/grip extension for it anyway, so the 19 seems to make sense. But the tiny size of the 26 is hard to beat. Thoughts regarding the two for CCW?

    And I'm not here to discuss different calibers... Save that for another thread. 9x19 glocks only, please.
  2. BillM

    BillM Well-Known Member Supporter

    Personally----and your opinion may differ!------I would go with the 19. The 26 is
    smaller, but it is a bit harder to get a grip on and hit well with. Both of them are
    the same width, so no advantage there with the smaller gun.

  3. ranger_sxt

    ranger_sxt New Member

    Glock 19.

    The grip fits me significantly better, you have a longer sight radius, and you can put a light on it if that's what flips your switch...
  4. Mark F

    Mark F Active Member Supporter

    The Glock that will serve you BEST, is the one you carry ALL the time. It doesn't matter what we think.
  5. janikphoto

    janikphoto New Member

    it DOES matter, if I get several guys pointing at the 19 (assuming they have actually all HANDLED one before). I've seen a couple people online say they switched from a 26 to a larger gun. I've always wanted the 26, but am willing to look at the 19 if enough people say it's worth looking at...

    Of course, the FINAL decision will be made by me, after I play with them both a bit more...
  6. chorst294

    chorst294 New Member

    I think they're both great pistols. I currently own a 26 which I carry with ease due to it's size. It's very accurate for such a small gun and with the magazine extension, easy to handle. I've previously owned a Glock 32, which is the exact same size as the 19. It felt better to me, but is a little more difficult to conceal since I live in FL, rarely wearing more than shorts and a t-shirt. My question would be, do you think you would have a problem concealing the 19? If not, why not enjoy a slightly longer barrel, higher magazine capacity and better handling qualities.
  7. glockfire

    glockfire New Member

    Have you shot a 26? I couldnt hit the broad side of a barn with the damn thing, so I got a 19, and then a 23, then sold my 19, lol. The uber-compacts make shooting not so fun for me.
  8. iloveguns

    iloveguns Guest

    I vote for the 19, 19, and uhm 19.:D
  9. KellyTTE

    KellyTTE New Member

    I drank the 19 koolade and HATED it. I sold all my 19's except one (a GEN II) and went exclusively to 26's and 17's. The GEN III G19's and my hands simply did not get along, I couldn't get a proper, consistent grip on the GEN III 19. And in the big scheme of things, you're only giving up 2rds in a 26 if you us Glock +2 mag extensions.

    I've shot a consistent 94+ on the New Mexico DPS SWAT qual with my G26 every time I've retaken it, so don't buy into the 'smaller gun = less accurate' argument.

    I'd personally go to a range and rent both and shoot the crap out of both (300rds min) before making the decision. My .02 kopeks
  10. hongsx

    hongsx Guest

    if you like the glock 19, then you might want to look into the glock 23, same exact size with a bigger bang. G23 = .40 SW round.

    if you like the glock 26, look into the 27. same exact gun, but with a 40 sw round
  11. Ram Rod

    Ram Rod New Member

    I can conceal my G19 almost as well as my G27. All it takes is a slight adjustment, moving my holster forward for the larger pistol. If you get a grip extension for a G26, you might as well carry the G19. The grip lengths would be the same. Here is a comparison of my G27 laying over top of my G19. The extension is a +1. I have them on two of my mags out of six.
  12. Bighead

    Bighead Member

    If you are going to run the grip extension, then I am +1 for the G19. A slightly longer gun is going to mean slightly improved ballistic (probably not enough to even mention), but also a longer (read as better) sight radius.

    The length of the gun is also not really a factor for concealment, since the length of the gun follows the length of your body. If you carry IWB, the slightly longer gun might also make it more "tuckable" since there is more gun to be secured in your waistline. The grip is what prints, so the shorter Model 26 grip would be slightly better, but this advantage is reduced to almost zero by the grip extension.

    There is also the G19C, with the compensator cuts in the barrel & slide. I think this is a kinda neat option, but there are things to be aware of because of the exhaust coming out of the ports when fired. Flaming yourself and a possible negative affect on night vision are the two most prevalent. Not something that I see as necessary, especially in 9mm. Mostly they serve as a place for lint to collect :D

    Good luck with your choice, and as always I would encourage you to invest in a quality holster and practice ammo.
  13. peabody

    peabody New Member

    my first glock is a G17L, i knew nothing about glock's other than the fact i wanted one.
    bought one out of a magazine , from some bannana country.
    turned out to be a G17L, its an older one, has no finger groves.

    silly thing shoots awsome' sooo .. anyhow mines a long slide , and i love it.. altho ? i do wonder what a standard 17 would be like. ?

    got a frame, maybe get a slide for it. and have two.

  14. LT2108

    LT2108 Administrator Staff Member Admin Moderator Lifetime Supporter

    G26 gen 4.... Great weapon, I carry it every day all day

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  15. Rarity

    Rarity Member

    Glock 26 4 gen when i am off duty..with Trijicon GL 11 night-sights. I have long fingers, and pretty small hands.

    The Glock 27 is also another perfect option although you state you only want some opinions on the 9mm
    It is much easier to conceal, and NOBODY knows when I am armed.. I do not use those extender magazines every one speaks of EITHER.

    My pinky doesn't need any assists. I really have no need to use my pinky..

    I have no need to use a 19 as some prefer. The only difference is SIZE and the Glock 26 is the perfect size for CCW.
  16. ArizonaLawman

    ArizonaLawman New Member

    I think the 19 would most likely be the best choice....better balance of "ballistic payload" as I like to call it with an ALL AROUND carry, shooting, SD pistol.

    The 26 is a great little fire snorter...but it is one that fills more of a niche.

    Personally, I'd go with the 19 for your first Glock. Then, you will drink the Kool Aid, and get the rest.

    BUT....don't forget to get a 1911, a Hi Power, a few Smith revolvers, a couple of .22 GOTS to be well rounded. doesn't matter what you get as long as you shoot it well, it is comfortable, and of quality manufacture.
  17. Lindenwood

    Lindenwood New Member

    When I was researching these, the consensus was in favor of the G19. With the right holster I've concealed a '92 under a size-small t-shirt without printing, so it really isn't that big of a deal to have a little extra size over a compact.

    Most people I've talked to say the G26 is typically too bulky to pocket carry, and if carrying IWB you don't give up that much by going to the G19.

    And I agree about barrel length. I daily carry a 8" Raging Bull revolver IWB, and the barrel length isn't really a big deal :p .

    I'd personally go with a G34, but I like bigger guns :p .
  18. Mandy

    Mandy New Member

    Have carried a G23 same size G19 in the tropics for over 10 yrs with no problem.
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