Compare functionality, etc of Mossberg 500 with pistol grip vs pistol grip with ext

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    I was originally looking for 500 wtih just the pistol grip but now kind of wondering if the pistol grip with extension butt stock might be pretty useful. I have not really looked at the swing away butt stock but also looking for cheap and I think those can get pricey.

    Basically asking how controllable and practical is a pistol gripped 12ga? Is the butt stock the better way to go? This is mostly for HD but I might just get another barrel and take it hunting too. In that case, the butt would be needed. Otherwise it would be kept in short and ready mode. Looking for 18.5" barrel, high cap tube, heat shield, etc.
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    I have never fired a shotgun with just the pistol grip but I know people that have. They have told me that the combination of short barrel, heavy 00/000 buck loads and no shoulder support can lead to some serious recoil that makes the gun painful to shoot.

    Personally I would want the gun braced against my shoulder because with a pistol grip only shotgun I would be inclined to drop the gun down and shoot from the hip area.

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    ...and here comes the unsung "hero" of the pistol grip shotgun series. Wait for it.....
    The MOSSBERG Cruiser .410!

    "Wait" I hear you complaining. "The .410 won't do anything!"

    "Oh contraire," I respond. "Let me show you something you may not know!"

    The "puny" .410 can take a 3" shell that holds up to 5 000-buck pellets! That's just THREE pellets less than a 12 gauge! For a LOT less kick!

    You see, the .410 positions each 000 buck in front of the other, while retaining a small breech face. This results in lower "kick" even though the diminutive .410 is pushing 5/8ths of the "payload" of a 12 gauge! ideal "home defense" shotgun is the Mossberg Cruiser, pistol grip .410 model 510!
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    I have a 590 with both stocks. The pistol grip as noted above,with 3inch shells of max load of buck, or any max load, which kicks hard with a butt stock is a wrist wrecker with just the pistol grip and forestock. That is just a descriptive term, no wrists were actually wrecked. :) It is handy with nine rounds of 3 in tough.
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    pistol grip stocked shotguns are an action movie staple and pure crap in the real world as far as practicality.

    if a person is thinking about buying one, i would highly suggest finding someone that actually owns one, and trying it out with the ammo you would intend on using in it. the chances are very probable that once you do, you are probably going to change your mind.

    and regardless of what you may read or see on TV, or the movies, shotguns stilll need to be aimed in order to hit your target. that is pretty difficult to do when you not sighting along the barrel or the sights of the shotgun. kind of puts any hits into the pure luck category, which is piss poor planning during a home invasion, or a life or death situation when you need to depend upon getting accurate hits on an attacker.

    some will try and hype that it makes the shotgun more easily maneuverable within the confines of the home. i will sacrifice some small measure of maneuverability in order to have great control over my shots, and recoil, and being able to get off more than just one shot if needed.
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    The ONLY reasons for pistol grip only shotguns are space considerations and fun.
    I have carried one for defensive purposes (space in a car) and can tell you- there is no comparison to a stocked gun.
    Use the stock if at all possible-especially in 12 ga.
    Here's a picture of a real pistol-grip shotgun!

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    So, am I the onlu one who checked the best by daye on this one?
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    Dayem! yes, you must have been the only one! 2011! :eek:

    oh well. i was on another forum a few weeks ago, and someone dug up a nine year old thread!