Compacts with high cap mag's.

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    This is actually two questions. Primary is ,what guns are there out there with higher capacity magazines or have a high cap mag after market? (Higher than 15 with 9mm and higher than 12 with .40) I like my Beretta 92FS, but it's full size and carries 15; I was told there are after market mags that carry 20 or so but I haven't had the chance to purchase one. I currently don't own any compacts, only 1 sub-compact and the rest are full size. Maybe a suggestion on some compacts the Ruger SR9c looks like a good choice, but too many people don't like the trigger, similar to the XD trigger safety. (I maybe wrong, I haven't tried the SR9c at a range yet)

    Secondly, does anyone know if the Beretta is capable of firing 9mm +p or 9mm +p+ without destroying the the gun? The standard grains like 120+ - 147 or so. I'd feel safer carrying those around, until I can find a nice compact that can carry more than my full size pistols.
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    Physics is the problem here. It takes X amount of space to store the rounds in a magazine. I suppose you could have a small gun with a magazine that sticks out 6 inches - but what's the point? If 15 rounds isn't going to get it done for you - more range time is in order (or spare mags?).

    As far as the Beretta handling +p or +p+, I'm sure they have an answer to that in the guns manual or on their website...

  3. BillM

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    Heck--run a G18 mag in a G26 if you want too. Looks a little odd, and
    it's a bit of a challenge to conceal, but it will work. 30+ rounds of 9mm
    enough for you?

    There are also magazine extensions available for several models.
    Everything from a +1 basepad to a 11 rd extension(Taylor Freelance
    for 9mm Glock).
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    BillM has a good point. I would carry the G18 mag as a backup and better conceal the G26.
  5. JonM

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    when i was in the MP's in the army they took away the 1911's and saddled with the sub-par 9mm 92fs i bought a 19rnd ramline mag that used a roll type spring. the base pad was purely cosmetic. the spring was tacked to the upper part of the mag and the follower rolled the spring down as it was loaded. the reason i bought it was i could remove the base pad it fit flush in the grip even visually inspection along with sticking a finger in the well it was nearly undetectable. we werent allowed to keep a mag in the weapon. so this served really well 19 rounds of fmj in the gun and i could still present a mag for inspection on demand from the gunbelt.

    was a very handy tool that made me feel much better on patrol. never had any feed issues with it.