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Discussion in 'XD Forum' started by chief436s, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. chief436s

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    I own a G26 and just sold a ruger lc9. I didn't like the trigger pull on the lc9. I am looking for a 9mm that is thinner than the G26 but with a better trigger than the lc9. I would like a s&w shield but they are hard to find right now. Any suggestions?
  2. KG7IL

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    Be sure to look at the Kimber Solo.
    The trigger pull is just what you would expect from a Kimber, exceptionally smooth. The trigger pull is rather long and firm at 7 Lbs. but the trigger is smooth as glass and is just another feature that makes you know the the little Solo is a quality pistol.

    The trigger pull is different than any other striker fired pistol I’ve shot. The trigger feels very smooth with a short takeup (5/8th inches) to release the striker. The striker itself isn’t fully cocked until the trigger is close to the point of release. There is no stacking of the trigger it’s uniform all the way through the pull. Trigger pull is slightly over six pounds but feels less than that.

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    The Kel-Tec PF9 gets high marks. Problem here is that no one has any for sale. Can't keep them in stock is the story.
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    I love the Kimber Solo because its single action and its superb quality but if I were you I would also look at the Kahr line of 9 mm they're really nice double action pistols.