Compact 9mm carry.

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    I apologize for the vague title but here is my dilemma for carrying. I have Pt738 (.380ACP) that I carry with me everywhere. However I wanted something larger, (it's still in the shop) so I got a P-64 (9mmx18mm makarov) I haven't shot it, nor do I know what the recoil on one of these would feel like. My questions are; how much like a 9mmx19mm parabellum are these rounds? The accuracy and general knowledge or feedback of any P-64's or related series? This is from 1971 and I had to get some work done on it before it will fire properly, any information is greatly appreciated.
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    Both 9mm & .380 go BOOM. Both kill Bad Guys DRT if you do your part.

    If you are a small/medium-build person, male or female, 9mm or .380 will do you justice.

    In the grand scheme of things, precision, practice, and Big Honking Bullets are my favorite path.
    Especially since I'm basically a shaved gorilla and can carry & handle large weapons.

    So I'm into making certain that if I ever have to shoot anyone as a civlian, if they are not DRT, they will not recover anytime soon, therefore I use a Glock 20 (10mm).

    Big impact + big holes, equals pacified bad guy.

    However, the average guy/gal can't hide a full-size Glock easily, so the Glock 27 (10mm),
    the compact version, is a good choice for the experienced shooter.

    My wifey, being a much-smaller-than-me individual, uses a Taurus 24/7 Pro C (compact 9mm).
    It's the same size as the Millinium series, but has a pic rail for accessories!
    They have changed the model designation, so it's now something else.

    Biggest problem with Taurus 9mm's, the mag lips usually need to be adjusted...takes a few minutes, but it's worth it :)

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    .380 = 9x17 Snappy recoil in some of the tiny guns chambered in this round

    9mm Mak = 9x18 Not too bad of a recoil in the older guns chambered in this cal

    9x19 = from wild to mild depending on the gun. Full frame monsters are soft and sweet, the little pocket guns can be brutal
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    I love the larger calibers, male and tall medium build so I love stuff like .45ACP and .44 mag rounds but to get a smaller weapon holding these rounds could be a bit rough. I haven't the money just yet to get a smaller handgun to carry concealed for .45ACP or even .40S&W although I don't use .40 caliber at all due to bad stories I have heard about bulking. Thanks again for the feedback. I will be practicing with these two when I can get back to the range and have an afternoon to break them in.
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    I have carried a Kahr K9 for years and trust it. It's small, concealable and stout. Just a suggestion for a smaller 9mm that won't make you sorry you tried to shoot it.