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Wilson recommends either their #12 for a Light Target Load or a #20 for a Standard Load for the stock Commander.

I installed the #20 and there is quite a noticable difference in performance at the range with the full load (assuming 230gr) ammo. It's a real dream with less recoil, I'm able to reacquire the target faster than before,

My question is, it seems when the slide is back and the slide stop is released the weapon seems to slam back to battery, is this a big deal? Are the lugs in the slide or barrel of concern, as it goes back to battery like this?, I would hate to give up this performance.
It is not good to drop the slide on an empty chamber. Always drop the slide with rounds in the mag. The slide will be slowed down as it strips the round from the mag and it feeds it into the chamber.

The 20# spring should be good for factory ammo. If a light spring is used, the slide will slam into the frame when it cycles rearwards. This can cause the frame to crack in the future.
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