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    xxxx: My Issue: disconnected from chat for the fourth time

    analyst Diana has entered room

    Diana: Hello xxxx, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Diana. Please give me one moment to review your information.

    Diana: I appreciate the time that you contacted us. I will be assisting you from here on out.

    xxxx: lol, sorry, your the fourth one

    Diana: I'm sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you.

    Diana: How may I help you today?

    xxxx: I think one of your predecessors has reset my router

    Diana: And what happened to your router now, xxxx?

    xxxx: what is defult password for the SMCD3GNV

    Diana: May I have 2 minutes to double check on the device here on my end?

    xxxx: no

    Diana: Oh! I'm sorry but I need a few minute to check on this. May I have 2 minutes, please?

    xxxx: no

    xxxx: the last person decided on their own to do a reset and now there is no wireless network, it was partially broke before, but now its totally broke!!!

    Diana: I'm sorry for the frustration this has caused you.

    Diana: Are you now on te

    Diana: **Are you now on the page in accessing the Gateway?

    xxxx: I'm on a wired connection now

    Diana: Will you please go to http:/xxxxxx?

    xxxx: im there

    Diana: Is it now asking you log in?

    xxxx: yes

    xxxx: I hate comcast

    Diana: I'm sorry for the frustration this has caused you.

    xxxx: will you please send a tech out with a new box

    Diana: Please enter now admin as user name and password as password.

    xxxx: I have been in contact with with comcast for the last 3 hours

    Diana: I'm sorry for the continued frustration this has caused you. But rest assured, we will do everything to get this fixed.

    xxxx: actually, the last guy said the same thing, then he said he wanted to reset my router. I told him no but he did it anyway!!!

    xxxx: send me a new box!!!!!!!

    xxxx: it randomly drops connection, a software reset is not going tpo fix that issue

    Diana: I'm sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. With regard to sending a box, I'm sorry but I can't send you a new one. You may change it to your Local Service Center.

    xxxx: does the box belong to comcast?

    Diana: Yes.

    xxxx: am I renting the box?

    Diana: May I double check that on your account?

    xxxx: you may, but the answer is yes

    xxxx: am I paying for internet service with comcast?

    xxxx: would you please have someone bring me a box?

    Diana: Thank you for patiently waiting.

    Diana: Yes, you are paying your Comcast interenet services. And yes, you are renting it.

    xxxx: if you were paying for a service that was not functioning properly would you expect the company you were paying to provide some customer service?

    xxxx: and what if the company said, "sorry, you have to do it yourself"?

    xxxx: did I loose you?

    Diana: No, I am still here.

    Diana: Yes, the Comcast customer service will help and assist you with your Comcast services.

    Diana: I'm sorry but I cannot send you someone to send you a box but you can change it in your Local Service Center.

    xxxx: I see your trucks on my street almost every day. Are you telling me I have to bring your your equipment or do you think that if your equipment is broken that perhaps you could actually be proactive and fix it?

    Diana: Yes, you have to bring your modem to your Local Service Center to change it.

    xxxx: So it is the policy of Comcast that if a customer is renting equipment from Comcast and the equipment does not function properly that Comcast will not replace the equipment at their own expense, but it is up to the customer to be further inconvenienced?

    xxxx: a simple yes or no will suffice

    Diana: No.

    Diana: But if you want to change your box, you can do it to your Local Service Center.

    xxxx: do you know how far away the local service center is?

    xxxx: you said no, but your answer was actually a yes, you will not send someone to fix your broken equipment. You require that I go to you to have your equipment replaced.

    Diana: Yes.

    xxxx: when I signed up for your service you sent someone out to install the equipment

    xxxx: 'I am paying for your equipment, I am paying for your service. If your equipment is not working I must bring it to you for you to replace?

    Diana: Yes. And we can also do some troubleshooting steps and that may send you a technician instead for further assistance with your device.

    xxxx: how much will that cost?

    xxxx: are you there?

    Diana: Yes, I am.

    xxxx: do I have your permission to put this conversation on the chanel 4 news?

    Diana: I'm sorry but no this is not to be on the tv.

    xxxx: In the upper right hand corner is a box to print out a transcript of this conversation

    Diana: I'm sorry for the frustration this has caused you.

    xxxx: is it the policy of comcast to tell customers that comcast wont even send a technition to replace equipment that is not functioning properly?

    user Janet has left room

    xxxx: I have saved this conversation and I do lan on posting to the wall for KOAA news channel 4

    Diana: No, we will be doing some process or troubleshooting first on both ends for us to send a technician for you.

    xxxx: I regularly disconnect, reset and remove the batteries to the router.

    Diana: We need to troubleshoot first on your devices so that we may be able to set a valid appointment for a technician visit.

    xxxx: one of your fellow employees has also done a reset to my router

    Diana: Yes, and if we reset the router, the log in to Wi-fi will be changed into default.

    xxxx: routers don't just drop connection on a regular basis unless ther is a hardware issue

    Diana: Yes.

    Diana: Would you like us to do some troubleshooting now on your devices?

    xxxx: sure, why not

    xxxx: yes it is plugged in

    xxxx: is your refrigerator running?

    Diana: Yes.

    xxxx: you better catch it

    Diana: Yes, they are caught by the original providers already.

    Diana: Is your desktop already on?

    xxxx: no, I'm talking to you on my wristwatch

    Diana: Oh! Will you please turn on your computer? And try to surf on internet?

    xxxx: really???

    Diana: Yes. This is to further check the problem of your devices.

    xxxx: 1) all wired computers work perfect

    Diana: Great!

    xxxx: 2) all wireless connection is off

    xxxx: 3)I have unplugged router

    xxxx: 4)I have reset router

    xxxx: 5)I have removed the batteries from the router

    Diana: Will you please plugged in again your router to your modem now?

    xxxx: 6)I have plugged back in the router

    Diana: With the batteries in it already?

    xxxx: 7) I lied, I'm not talking to you on my wristwatch, I'm using my toaster

    xxxx: you have already done a reset on my router from your end and its still broken

    xxxx: now, can you please get me another router????????

    xxxx: is there something else you plan to do?

    Diana: No, I am double checking it here on my end to further assist you now.

    Diana: I see here on my end, that we no longer offer a router.

    Diana: You may call 1-877-443-3596 for further assistance.

    xxxx: comcast no longer offers vrouters, then what am I paying rent on?

    Diana: You are paying the rental of the modem.

    xxxx: every device I have has a built in modem, what is thei 1984?

    Diana: I'm sorry but I do not know what 1984 you are trying to figure out.

    xxxx: 1984, the year? when people still had external modems

    Diana: Oh! Is that the modem you have at home?

    xxxx: yes, I have a 1984 modem

    xxxx: it is the one I was provided with

    Diana: Thank you.

    Diana: And to further assist you now, please call 1-877-443-3596.

    xxxx: I have tried calling, and I have been chatting with comcast for almost 4 hours now. The best you can offer is for me to spend my time and figure it out myself

    Diana: I'm sorry for the frustration this has caused you.

    xxxx: now you are telling me that you are not renting me the SMC Networks smcd3gnv

    Diana: The smcd3gnv is a modem that you are renting and not a router.

    xxxx: does it have a built in wireless router?

    Diana: None.

    xxxx: so this is a figment of my imagination?

    xxxx: perhaps comcast customer service is also imagined

    Diana: Oh! I'm sorry for the wrong information. This modem you have provided me is a Wireless Gateway.

    xxxx: maybe, just maybe Comcast also does not provide customer service

    Diana: It is for internet, cable and phone service.

    Diana: I'm sorry for the continued frustration this has caused you.

    xxxx: so fix it

    Diana: Are you using a laptop to connect to your Wi-fi?

    xxxx: I am actually having lots of fun... You see Comcast customer service has been one of the worst experiences of my life. Tonight I got fed up, grabbed a six pack of beer and decided to waiste as much of your time while getting you to put in writing that you won't actually just provide a little customer service and replace a broken device.

    Diana: I will need to process that on my end to set you an appointment for this issue.

    xxxx: You see, I pay over a thousand dollars a year for your service. Instead of trying to help, you have treated me poorly, and told me that you won't really do anything to assist me

    xxxx: you did, after I asked you not to, reset my entire wireless network and blew out every wireless device I have.

    Diana: I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

    xxxx: why are you apologizing? wouldn't it be so much easier to actually just provide customer service?

    Diana: I will be processing it on my end now to set an appointment for you to have a technician visit.

    xxxx: great, when would be a good time?

    Diana: I will still be processing it on my end. May I have now another 2-3 minutes to process the appointment?

    xxxx: do you know who you will be sending over, I feel like I am becoming friends with many of the technicions, I have seen them so often

    Diana: I'm sorry but I don't know who will be sent. Since they are chosen randomly.

    xxxx: we have been chatting for so long I feel like we are becoming friends, whats your name?

    Diana: Thanks for that. I am Diana.

    xxxx: I understand that you work for Darth Sith Lord and his minions but don't let that stop us from being friends!!!

    Diana: Yes, Janet.

    xxxx: can you actually strangle someone with your fingers from across the room or are you still working on the technique?

    Diana: I am still working for the appointment.

    Diana: May I know what operating system are you using?

    xxxx: which one, windows 7, Android, whatever XBOX runs, Nintendo WII, Kindle Fire, maybe I'm missing something...

    xxxx: Oh yeah, also Ipad

    Diana: Oh! Thank you for the information. It is the Windows 7.

    xxxx: what does that have to do with your wireless router?

    Diana: It is on the process that I am following for this issue to send a technician. This may also help us further fix your concern.

    .................................. it keeps going ...............................
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    gee TankTop. four hours! try dealing with Windstream on some of the same type issues for three and a half years to get a problem resolved! i wish it had only taken four hours to get mine fixed. :D

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    That got funny as hell towards the end. I've been in that same position with AT&T and Microsoft before. I feel for you man.
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    Wow, that's some pretty wild tech support stuff there. Those people work off a script and usually the first 1-2 people you talk to are not real tech savvy. They just read the script. Having to pay actual techs would cost them way too much to get the max profit off their customers.

    I see no reason whatsoever for anyone on a cable line to pay rent on a modem. Walmarket sells the Motorola Surfboard that works much better than the 10 year old crap most cable companies charge people 5-10 bucks a month for. The cable company jsut needs the MAC ID to put in the system for access.
    The thing about cable is it's a shared connection. So along with you is everyone else on the node. THe signal a cable modem needs is pretty narrow to operate properly. As they add more and more customers they will have to boost signals and sometimes in doing so will boost it too much. This too high or to low thing can make a connection drop at random. If it's too low the need to boost. Too much they need to put filters on to choke it down for consumers.
    DSL does not use a shared connection but your proximity to the phone co or a sub station can cause problems if you are too far away.

    I'm on a Windstream DSL connection and don't use any of their equipment. Got a modem/router myself and put the PPOE & DNS info in there. DSL using PPOE does not require the ISP to need a MAC ID. I stopped having trouble with my connection then. I know a few that on the same connection as me just open the windstream modem wide (set the DMZ) and have a wireless router do all the work as well. I will say the wireless modem./routers that Windstream uses are total junk. You're better off with the wired one and getting a router to rout the traffic. Just map the port the modem asssigns to the router and then the router will do the work for your LAN while having now two hardware firewalls to help in security.

    When it's your equipment it's easier to get done what you want. Mainly because you can get something that actually works well rather than use the crap so many ISPs will give you to pay them back for each month.
  5. TankTop

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    You're totally right, it would make more sense for me to buy my own equipment, but as long as I'm renting it from Comcast I want them to fix it. I pay them for a service so that when I get home at the end of the day I can relax and enjoy what I pay for.
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    Sometimes you can't fight stupid.
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    Been there. Done that. Lol.