COMCAST anti gun policy

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by redscho, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. redscho

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    This needs to go 'viral'.

    I found this in my in box today.

    It seems that COMCAST in conjunction with their takeover of NBC have instituted a policy of not advertising firearms or accessories.

    Read the whole article and you can see inequities of their stand.

    I seriously doubt COMCAST / NBC will deny, for example, WAL-MART advertising time but WAL-MART sells all types of firearms, ammunition and accessories.

    SO................................... I am instituting my boycott of COMCAST / NBC and their advertisers. I am blocking access to COMCAST / NBC programming on my TV and as I learn of other companies who advertise on COMCAST / NBC I will attempt to notify them that I will do my best to not purchase their product. I know that it will not always be possible to do so but if I know there is another way I will take it. :mad:
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    Comcast, from Phila., is typical of the communist North. This, coming from the birthplace of our once great nation.

  3. BigByrd47119

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    It really sucks too because I live in an area where we can either get Dish Network or Comcast...we have Comcast because its so much cheaper...