Columbine Survivor Letter to Obama

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    The communist news network never covers the good. They are all a part of the elite. Ted nugent asked piers why they don't have home owners that have survived because of a gun on the CNN shows. Fox news is seriously the way to go. But always keep an open mind.

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    My favorite part in his letter to Obama

    "Whose side are you on?"

    A fair question as not only the DOJ but Obama himself (in a Google "fireside chat") admitted that banning "Assault Weapons" would have almost no impact on crime.
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    I wish O'Reilly would get him on the Factor.

    I just sent him an email asking him to invite Todd!
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    The tyrant has no fear of the criminal, he sits aloof in his ivory tower, surrounded by taxpayer funded security, and looks down his nose at the citizen who cries for justice.

    The tyrants only fear is an armed and educated middle class... in short, he fears us.

    He fears our willingness to tell him no.

    He fears our skepticism of his will.

    Above all, he fears our tools for self reliance.

    He fears our guns because he understands that we are not criminals easily brushed aside by a cadre of SWAT officers. We are not disorganized thugs who's only motive is proffit. He understands that unlike the criminal who gets thumped... And simply sets up shop elsewhere...

    ...WE THUMP BACK...

    The weight of written law is on our side, natural law is on our side, and history is on our side.

    This is what the tyrant fears... and he is right to be afraid... for an "affront" to one American is an affront to All Americans.

    Picking up a rifle in defense of liberty is always the right course of action, regardless of the uniform worn by the oppressor.