Colts: Defender vs New Agent

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by bgeddes, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. bgeddes

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    It seems other than finish these are the same piece? I am in the market for a smaller 1911 and I can not figure out what I am missing in comparison of these two weapons.

    Before it starts, the small Kimbers are on the list too, just researching the best way to spend my dollars. Charles Daly makes a small .45 ACP unit, but data on their quality seems inconsistent. The mind is open to suggestions, as long as they are 1911s. :p
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    These are very close, however the Agent does Not have sights on it, I suppose to better facilitate the "quick draw" I remember seeing a Detonics model made in a similar fashion, not a big seller either. I do like the Defender, unless you're a crack shot, you are going to want to have sights on your gun!

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    I have the Defender and love it.


    You won't go wrong!


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    Call Colt for all info. on specs---1-800-962-2658 (customer service)
    Kimber web site is really descriptive as to

    Personal recommendation--Look very serious at Kimber ! May be a buck or two more but is truly "Quality"-- You won't miss that buck or two next year but if you purchase poor quality,it will haunt you !

    The best deciding factor after you have ALL the facts is....which one do YOU like ? ;)
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    The lack of sights is the main difference from what I can tell. The gun uses a "sight-channel" concept instead of raised sights. The idea is that it is easier to conceal. They are betting that the gun will be used for close-quarters, point-shooting type scenarios. My choice would be the Defender, or a compact Kimber with sights.

    Colt New Agent

    The sight channel idea was also used in the Kimber Ultra RCP a couple of years ago. I think it is kind of gimmicky, but can see how it might make it slightly easier to carry (maybe), and the channel would be better than no sights for close-quarters since you could use it as an index while looking over the top of the gun. I personally would rather have a good set of lo-mounts.

    The Kimber Ultra RCP
    [​IMG] [​IMG]