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    Hey Everyone,

    When out and shot my new colt today. Fired 320 rounds of PMC X-TAC m885 5.56 ammo. The rifle ran very well with only a minor complications which I believe are magazine problems and one scope problem.

    1. Despite hot rounds, there were no jams and the rifle worked very well.
    2. Good ejection of the brass.

    Concerns and Questions:
    1. I was using 2 factory 20 round mags and 3 pmag 30 rounders. I started with the factory mags and then went through the pmags without a hiccup. Now, here is the problem and maybe this is just because I am still a beginner.

    After reloading the mags, I started with the pmag. I put the magazine in (with the bolt forward, not back). I then pulled the charging handle in attempt to charge the round... nothing. The bolt went back forward but did not take a round with it. I then noticed that although the pmag seemed all the way up, it wasnt locked in. And despite everything I tried, it wouldn't lock. I then pull back the charging handle while simultaneously pushing up on the pmag. It partially grabbed a round causing it to jam and ruining the round.

    So I then reloaded the factory metal mags and put one in the mag well (with the bolt forward). I pulled the charging handle and it charged the round completely fine. So was something going on with the pmags? Was it something I did to the pmags? Or am I missing something here? Any help is greatly appreciated because it got really annoying dealing with this!

    2. I was using the Eotech EXPS 2-0 on my rifle with the Primary Arms deluxe 3x magnifier. Absolutely beautiful setup and a great reticle..... UNTIL after about 60 or 70 rounds the Eotech just TURNS OFF. It wouldnt turn back on for about 30 seconds. THEN it happens a second time after about 150 rounds! After that nothing was wrong. But WHAT THE HELL? I am going to be giving Eotech a call tomorrow chewing them out. Have people heard of this happening? Unreliability really makes me uneasy and for $500, they better get it damn right.

    Overall, shooting my rifle for the first time was a great experience despite the few encounters along the way. And any help with any of those problems is greatly appreciated!

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