colt series 70 vs 40SW

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by JonM, Sep 24, 2011.

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    was out doing some skeet shooting this afternoon with some of the crew out here for the opening dove hunt. the shooting turned to handguns and two other 1911s turned up besides mine. we got to potting at some steel targets towards the end one of the guys hands me two rounds and says stick one each 1911 and two gun it!!.

    so i popped one in the mag racked the slide and the bullet case and all goes shooting out the muzzle... wtf!!

    reached down picked up the offending bullet tried dropping it in te chamber. out it goes on the ground again.

    this time i looked it over. a freekin 40sw.

    i can usually tell the diff but after a couple hours popping away in 97 degree heat at skeet and it gets a little hard.

    i guess i truly didnt realize just how small the 40 really is.
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