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    I was cleaning out a chest of mine and came across a revolver. After looking at it closely I realized it's a Colt black powder 6 shot and I can't remember where it came from.. It isn't in the best condition it's missing the wood handle, the engraving on the cylinder is fading witch looks like a horse an carriage and the rest is too faded an so on. The main thing is I don't know what model it is or year it was made.. Only proof marks I can find is on the top of the octagon barrel it say's "ADDRESS COL SAMUAL COLT NEW-YORK U.S AMERICA" on the cylinder it says "COLTS PATTEN No.27651" on the left side of frame it's stamped "COLTS" an under that is "PATENT" All numbers match underneath "227651" I got on colts web-site and searched the number on the cylinder and it came back with 20+ results. Any info would be grateful!... If it helps any the barrel is 4" long and has the spurr on the hammer..
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    picture. picture. picture.