Colt Rail Gun mixing&matching

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    Well, the Les Baer I was wanting sold. It was a great deal. Oh well. So now I am looking at the Colt Rail Gun again. When I was on Colt's site, on model O1970RG, the one with the blakened frame and stainless slide, it says the frame is made of carbon steel. I started to get this crazy thought in my head. What if I could find someone with a Combat Elite, or maybe in the future buy a Combat Elite, and switch the slides around. That would make a full stainless steel Combat Elite, and a completely carbon steel Rail Gun. The reasoning behind this is for the ability to refinish it. I prefer a blacked out gun to a stainless/chrome gun. They already black out a stainless Rail Gun, however, I dont think anyone has every had a Colt Rail Gun completely refinished in Royal Blue. This could be truely a one of a kind Colt. The only setback I can think of is attempting to apply the Royal Blue to the actual rail itself. I imagine it would be difficult to properly blue the rail with all of its tight angles and small spaces.

    Do you think it would be possible to royal blue a rail gun?