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Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by Gordo323, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. Gordo323

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    So I’ve decided my next firearm purchase is going to be a .45 colt revolver, can’t decide which one though! I’m considering:

    -Colt SAA 5.5” SS = $1300:confused:
    -Ruger Vaquero 5.5” SS = $580

    The local gun shop also has some Cimarron and Uberti’s for less than the Ruger, but I am not at all familiar with those brands.
    Hell I could buy 2 of the Vaqueros for less than the Colt, but I held it and loved the way it felt in my hand!
    Let’s hear some pros and cons from any .45 Colt revolver fans.
  2. yazul42

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    I have 2 Rugers and a Stoeger,,, made by Uberti,, and no Colt. I would love to get one but the cost prohibits me. The Rugers will handle the hottest of safe loads whereas a Colt will not. The Stoeger is my T.V. gun,, you know,, the one you sit with you on the couch while you watch John Wayne or Clint Eastwood movies to give 'em a hand if they need one. With cowboy loads the Stoeger is a good shooter and a fun revolver. The Rugers are the hunters, handling the heavier loads and I know their strength and feel confident. I would stay with a Ruger for that reason alone. I just would love to have a 5 1/2" Colt with nice Sambar stag or elk stag grips and a nice Cochise or Mernickle rig. Maybe when the last kid is out of school. .45's are really great to shoot,, have fun with whichever you get.


  3. Bob Wright

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    The Ruger Vaquero is a fine revolver, rugged as a Sherman tank. The Colt SAA is pricey, but, its a COLT. If a Colt is what you desire, then nothing else will do. Since I prefer adjustable sights, I lean toward the Ruger Blackhawk/Super Blackhawk models. I have four Ruger .45 Colt revolvers, two with .45 ACP cylinders. Three of these are set up like Super Blackhawks and two have been case hardened by Doug Turnbull. My favorite pair has one gun in 7 1/2" and one in 4 5/8" barrel lengths. The 7 1/2" gun is approaching 20,000 rounds.

    One of my .45's is set up like a Super with 7 1/2" barrel was originally a Bisley model.

    If you are so taken with the Colt but object to the price, go with a Uberti copy, but expect to spend $75~$85 fro action work. But then, most Colt's will require the same.

    Bob Wright
  4. Gordo323

    Gordo323 New Member

    Thanks yazul and Bob for the input!
    I have a Ruger Blackhawk .357 mag that was my fathers, he purchased it new in 1975, and it is still a fine shooting gun, so I am leaning towards the Vaquero, thinking I’ll also buy reloading dies and brass with the money I save, I also have a Marlin lever action chambered in .45 Colt and a Taurus Judge that I really never shoot.
    I hate paying Cabelas prices, but I just got a card in the mail that is good for $150 if I spend $500, so might go get it this weekend.
    Thanks again!

  5. Freedom-1911

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    While Colts are fine guns. Rugers are too.
    Unless it was a collectors item/investment that was going in a safe I would not pay the hi price of a Colt. Ruger makes great revolvers for a much more reasonable price.
  6. danf_fl

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    Opinion Only...

    Buy the Ruger AND ammo AND a reloader
  7. crossfire

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    Find an EAA Bounty Hunter. For your price on the Ruger you can get the Bounty Hunter and have Bob Munden do one of his Option 1 action jobs on it. The Bounty Hunter grip frame is virtually identical to a Colt. The difference is in the cylinder, the Bounty Hunter's cylinder is nearly the same diameter as the S&W N-frame (it is available in .44 Magnum) and is longer than the Colt (1.76" with recessed rims). Although it has a flat-spring action like the Colt, it has a transfer bar ignition like the Ruger so you can carry a fully loaded cylinder.
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  8. diggsbakes

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    This is a collection vs. usage question. If you are going to have this gun primarily stored in your safe, displayed to friends and relatives, by all means get the Colt. If you want a fun replica to shoot and gain proficiency with SA revolvers, buy the Ruger.

    Either way, enjoy!