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Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by CHLChris, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. CHLChris

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    A few weeks ago I traded my Kahr PM9 for a Colt New Agent 1911 in .45acp. I've transitioned to .45's in the 1911 platform because I love the round and I love steel.


    Today I finally got a chance to run about 75 rounds through her and I wanted to give a few impressions.

    Fit and Finish:

    The blued steel frame and blackened lightweight slide give a dull black sheen that is perfect for a carry gun, and this is currently my EDC. The wood grips are thinner than standard grips to give the profile an even sleeker feel. This is good since the safety is a bit small compared to my Government ambi safety. The smaller grips allowed my thumb to live exactly where it needed to to be able to easily snick the safety during operation. The slide does not rattle at all, but it easily operates when loading, meaning it is not too tight. The bull barrel is great for added weight, helping to make the recoil almost the same as my Government.


    I don't know the exact weight of the trigger, but it is very responsive and is definitely lighter than my Springer Loaded.


    I know this is the toughest part for some to get past on the new agent:


    The dreaded trench sight system. I love the concept because of the smoothness of the top of the slide. This is another great feature for carrying. Acquiring a picture is surprisingly easy. Something in me says that it is actually easier than my Novak night sights on my Springer, but I know that has to be wrong. But I'll tell you is easy to acquire the picture. I guess you have to try it yourself. One problem, though. You either need to sight in the same way and aim HIGH, or retrain yourself to cover the target. It shoots low. Or, rather, the sight picture requires you to cover the point of impact with the barrel, not allow the point of aim to be above the trench sight. It took a few magazines to get the hang of, but its accuracy is still quite good, even with this alteration. Personally, I think I will just acquire a sight picture and basically aim high. Kind of like shooting an AR-15 at 50 yards, but we're not talking inches. At 3-7 yards, the hole is immediately below the sight.

    One concern:

    This could be a problem with every Defender-size 1911, I don't have any experience besides this gun. When I depress the magazine release, the mag doesn't eject. I must pull it out. I was using Colt factory magazines and I plan to purchase a few Tripp Research magazines. It could have been the mag, or the platform, or the pistol. I guess more experienced shooters might let me know in this thread.

    I love this new pistol. I am carrying it IWB with a Crossbreed Supertuck and OWB in a Galco Quick Slide Holster.

    Shoot on!
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    Very nice Chris. I think you'll enjoy it. :cool:

  3. JonM

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    ive got a new agent alo i totally love it. i agree with everything you said cept the magazine stuff. my new agent shorty mags drop free and my standard milspec colt 7 rounders and mil surp 7 rounders drop free. i dont own any high end mags. mine are all curtesy of the us army arms room trash can when they threw em away after adopting that pos beretta 92.

    i would like to comment on the trench sight. i would REALLY like a full size with the trench sight. ive chunked 500 rounds down range with it and the more you use it the more natural the trench becomes.

    new agent three thumbs up
  4. spittinfire

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    Try loosening up the grip screws a little bit. My Kimber did the same thing when I first got it and and easing up on the screws fixed the problem. I personally wouldn't carry a weapon that the magazine didn't drop free.
  5. danf_fl

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    +1 on spittinfire. You may also want to see if the grip screw bushings are protruding too far into the mag area. I doubt that the bow to the trigger is rubbing on the mag, but that is also possible.

    By the way, nice looking piece.
  6. CHLChris

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    The thinner grips makes me wonder if they use modified grip screws. Obviously they should since the grip is shallower and the screws should be shorter. I'll look at that when I get into the shop to clean the guns today. I'll report back my findings.
  7. lonyaeger

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    If they changed out the grips to thins and didn't change out the grip screws and bushings to thins as well, then I would bet that's your problem with the mag not dropping. As Spitty said, if you back out the grip screws and THEN the mag drops free, you have proven that theory.
  8. CHLChris

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    Oh, and BTW, this is one 1911 that my wife felt comfortable shooting. The Government absorbed recoil better, which she liked (I LOVE watching her fire a full-size 1911). But the smaller New Agent wasn't nearly as heavy so she could hold it better for aiming.

    It's reduced weight is a real plus for some.
  9. canebrake

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    Check the mag for witness marks (scratches) indicating where the hang-up is occurring.

    Does it happen with all mags?

    Check the mag release notch on the mag tube and see if has a smooth interface. Also remove the mag release and inspect for sharp or poor machined edges.