Colt M4 very impressive!!

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  1. JonM

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    i seriously doubt an ak47 would last this long....
    renews my already rock solid belief in the AR15/M16 platform

    these are colt industries test videos.

    the first vid is a pencil barrel about 18 mags on full auto till failure. 540 rounds nonstop. issue M4 are 3 round burst this was converted to full auto so that the gun would fail from heat buildup.

    [ame=]YouTube - M4 Colt Torture Test[/ame]

    this vid is an upgraed M4 heavy barrel. about 31 mags in 930ish rounds the gas tube finally blows even then the gun continues to fire semi automatic.

    [ame=]YouTube - M4A1 experimental colt torture test[/ame]
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    Looks like the barrel on the rifle in the top video ruptured and blew off the hand guard...wonder if that was more from an obstructed barrel than an outright failure? The second video showing the hand guard catching fire is classic...
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  3. Dillinger

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    The AR Platform is a very reliable and accurate platform if well put together and well maintained. What these tests show is that an AR will shoot until failure, on full auto, and will do so reliabily.

    When your non-free-floated handguard catches fire, you MIGHT want to consider an upgrade, but not before ceasing to fire full auto. :eek:

    Another good reason, a stellar one actually, on why I recommend building your own weapon! You know how it works, and you know how to maintain it.

    These videos prove that knowing your weapon is FAR more important than who's name is on the side. ;)