Colt M4 16" Barrel legal in NY state?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by tcrone, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. tcrone

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    I may be moving to Saratoga Springs in NY State in a couple of weeks an was wondering the fate of my Colt M4 Sporter. It's a 16" and I was wondering if I'd be fine with having it with me. It was legally bought with paper work from a gun shop in Pennsylvania.
  2. hardluk1

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    If the barrel is 16" it is indeed legal. Its how the rest of the rifle is configured that can make it ilegal. But there so many exceptions you better read and ask at this site.

    Looks is if it would be simpler to sell it and look for a legal rifle that will serve your needs. When adding up a collapsible stock, pistol grip , over 5 round cap or have a barrel that would allow a gernad launcher and a bayonet lug and on and on. It looks hopeless. It does look as if you can make it legal. Check out the M&P rifles site for NY legal rifle to get an idea of what makes them legal may help.
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  3. longunner

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    I know that in NYS you can't have a flash hider(has to be a pinned & welded comp), you can't have a bayonet lug, can't have a telescoping stock,30rd mags....the list goes on and on.
  4. dragunovsks

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    You could move to Indiana and keep your rifle
  5. HockaLouis

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    Yeah, the length is fine, it's the rest of the stuff that could be problematic but u CAN have it if lower is "pre-ban" or if set up as they want. With the right barrel and stock (that you can change easily enough) you'll be fine.

    Saratoga Springs is a gorgeous area. Upscale Main Street these days. I will be going to the park there and the battlefield next week.