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This is from 25 yards using pmc bronze 230grs fmj ammunition.


This is from 25 yards using Winchester 230 grain fmj.


The only thing I didn't like was that the Winchester ammo was so dirty pmc bronze was very clean and shot great. As far as my new colt 1911 I love it the gun shoots so smooth fits my had like a glove love it I'll never get rid of it. But there are some things I'd like to add to the 1911. The magazines that came with it only hold 7rds and i think there kinda cheap made I'd like to have 8 I think they make an 8rd if anybody knows please let me know. Also the sights on my gun. There are no white dots on the rear sights just a pin on the front if anybody has advice about the sights I'd greatly appreciate that also any tips about the 1911. When I got home I took it apart to clean it that was very easy not as easy as the glock but still fun and easy I only cleaned the barrel with hopes cleaner I hope that's good enough.

So I'm looking for a shoulder holster that won't scratch my beautiful baby and will hold an extra mag.
New rear sights.
1,000 rounds of pmc bronze 230grs fmj.
2 8rd mag.

Now it's time to build me an ar 15.


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Swann; excellent choice.

Check out Brownell's ( for replacement sights. The rear sight - unless changed drastically since mine was made - just drift out and in of the slot in which it sits. Drifts to RIGHT side of pistol, by the way. Enters from right to left. Brownells has enough variations to keep you talking to yourself for several days.

I think they also have after market magazines and yes, someone makes an eight round magazine.

Shoulder holster? Galco makes an excellent rig. Be warned, most ranges will not allow use of any holsters - and especially shoulder holsters - while shooting. Many 'instructors' don't like shoulder holsters; not because they're not useful, but because the draw is seen to 'sweep' everyone on one's left during the draw.

Ammo? There are a couple of places on the web selling handgun ammunition. Some are very inexpensive indeed. Do a search for 'ammunition sales' and you will many from which to choose.

Oh. Take money.
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