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Colt frontier scout question

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Recently my mother found an old colt model 62 frontier scout 22 that me and my dad used to shoot when I was a was on the top shelf of a guest room closet for at least 20 yrs so it has some surface rust on it. I guess my question hard is it to refinish something like that? it something that anyone can do if they are patient and meticulous......or should I just take it to a gunsmith? I don't have any idea what the gun is actually worth but its priceless to would mean alot to me to be able to refinish it myself....but if simular results are unatainable at home....then I would rather take it to a professional. I also seem to remember it having a cyl for 22 mag when I was young but it is no longer with it...any ideas where to look to find a replacement?
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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