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    Recently my mother found an old colt model 62 frontier scout 22 that me and my dad used to shoot when I was a was on the top shelf of a guest room closet for at least 20 yrs so it has some surface rust on it. I guess my question hard is it to refinish something like that? it something that anyone can do if they are patient and meticulous......or should I just take it to a gunsmith? I don't have any idea what the gun is actually worth but its priceless to would mean alot to me to be able to refinish it myself....but if simular results are unatainable at home....then I would rather take it to a professional. I also seem to remember it having a cyl for 22 mag when I was young but it is no longer with it...any ideas where to look to find a replacement?
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    Rust on the old 22 Scout

    I have one that I also shot with my father and it was passed on to me when he died. I have both the the 22 short and 22 long or rifle cylinders for it along with the leather holster. Like you mine is priceless to me. I have seen the cylinders 22 long that is on the net for around $200 in what appear to be good shape.

    As for the value I have not checked as like you I would not sell it. I recently started removing rust from maching tools (another hobby) with electrolsis. I do not know what effect it would have on the bluing of the gun, but it sure removes rust fast and easy. I use baking soda no lyes for is a link to tell you how to do it. I would talk to a gunsmith first. But If you have rusted tools this makes them look like new after you wire brush them and put on some 3 in 1 oil.


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    Thanks for the info
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    If I am not mistaken, the Scouts had an aluminum cylinder frame, with a blued barrel and cylinder. The Peacemaker 22s were all steel, with a case hardened cylinder frame. Bluing is actually harder to replicate at home. Brownells sells an aluminum finish that would pass for original. If a gun meant something to me, I would get it prefessionally refinished. From what you are saying it sounds like a simple re-bluing. Start with something you don't care that much about and it will turn out fine.
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    I'm brand new to this forum and don't know if you can do PMs, but I have a
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    I would suggest a gunsmith. I have never tried reblueing myself but several of my friends have with not so good results.

    I have a Colt Peacemaker 22 myself. It was given to me by my mother after my father died. I remember shooting it once about 35 years ago. It was put back in the original plastic bag and cardboard box and put in the closet. And that is where it was when my mother got it to give to me. Believe it or not, when I took it out it looked like new. Even the bore was spotless. This one only came with the standard cylinder, no 22 mag one.

    If I needed it reblued, I would definitely take it to a gunsmith.
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