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Dern thing is spitting to the side and back towards shooter.

The crane does not sit tight and flush (has minimum movement when pressure put on front of cylinder). Looks like someone tried to slam cylinder closed with a flick of the wrist more than a couple of times.

Seems to index correctly. Tight rotation lockup. I'm thinking that the small movement of front of cylinder is not allowing correct alignment.

Any suggestions how to fix it?
I would get a new cylinder crane. The forcing cone sits in an alignment hole. You couldn't close the cylinder if there was an issue with the forcing cone. I know it seems like a 22 wouldn't make enough pressure to move the cylinder but a 22 makes more pressure than you think. If you decide to get a new cylinder crane let us know where you get it from. I would like to know in case something ever happens to one of my diamondbacks. If you need a gunsmith let me know. My gunsmith lives, eats and breathes colt. If I ever need to pick his brain I just show up with a colt revolver and a box of shells. That will hold his attention long enough to find out what I need to know.
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