Colt "ACE" .45acp

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    Well SORT of ;) I bought a New Ace back in the early "80's" when Colt started making them again. Great weapon, really like it. It always sort of irritated me that nobody made a conversion kit to use .45acp rds with the Ace frame.

    I also have the Best Gunsmith in the state as a friend, won't name drop as it would only embarrass him, so I asked him about doing this project. As usual I had to endure several minutes of his thoughts on how most of my ideas are "bassackwards", everyboby else wanted to go from .45 to .22, I wanted to go the other direction!

    We (he) decided to do it up right. He scrounged the parts for a Gold Cup National Match upper half, custom built it on the Ace frame, slicked up the trigger and this is what I got back!


    Nowadays I use it mostly with the Ace upper, (.22LR) since I discovered Longslides, but for many years this was my most fired .45acp. Had to clean it today, thought I'd post a couple pics of an old friend! Ken
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