Colt 38 Detective Special $?

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by George Merkt, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. George Merkt

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    I am considering the purchase of a 1970 vintage Colt 38 Detective Special but I am having difficulty finding a value for this model since it is no longer manufactured. The gun is chromed and a retired policeman's personal carry firearm. Anyone have a guess as to the value of this piece?

    George (newbie)
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    re: cost of Colt Detective Spec.

    If you watch NYPD Blue, this the gun I beleive Andy Sippowitz carried, and the one he lost. My wife has had hers for about 15 years, trading a S W 686 .357 in on it, and loves the Colt. I paid $275 for in in 1995, and see them at gun shows here in the south now, for about the same price. These are very nice firearms. Good Luck. Tom Meservey, USN (Ret)

  3. scoutman

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    My guess is that if the Colt is original, it is nickel plated, not chromed. Prices on all Colts have skyrocketed over the last several years. Depending on condition, it's value could be in the $300-$700 range. Any Colt I find selling for less than $400, regardless of model, usually finds it's way home with me:) Try searching for Detective Special on Gunbroker or Auction Arms and you'll see what I mean.
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    What Scoutman said. Off topic (slightly) - try comparing the Det. Spcl's trigger to any other factory snubbie - oops - sorry they just don't compare. The Colt Detective Special is simply better.
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    I bought a couple of the Detective Specials when they last brought it back into production during the early '90's. The one on top is from the Colt Custom Shop, with a Tritium front sight, honed trigger action, and bobbed hammer. Colt also made a Chrome plated version during the same time. You might find one of these particular production runs at a reasonable price.

  6. FrankdTank

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    Colt 38 Detective Special

    I have a 38 special second generation from what I read and looking at the serial number it was made during the 1958 production year. It is a snubby nickel plated model. Can someone give me an idea of the value of this gun? I would say it is in very good condition. I would say it doesn't look like it was used alot. Says: Colt P.T.E.A. MFG CO. Hartford Conn. U.S.A.
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