Colt 1911 Trigger Play

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    Hey everyone,
    Videos replace a thousand words so I recorded the kind of jiggle that I'm experiencing with my trigger. I didn't mind months ago when I bought the gun but now that I really got used to it I'm becoming very picky :)

    1080P quality available if you view it on YouTube:

    So basically regarding the side to side play, can it be reduced by slightly widening the trigger bow?

    I'm not sure where I should be looking at to reduce the pre-travel (before the bow actually pushes against the sear). Last time I had my trigger out I didn't check to see if it had those little "ears", but if it does is that what I should be playing with?

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    Yes, the trigger bough can reduce the side to side movement, but if done improperly, can also increase the area of contact between frame and bough. This creates additional drag on the trigger pull.

    The 1911 is designed to have some take up. Without the take up, the sear and disconnector will not have enough space to function correctly.

    Adjusting over travel is normally a good move. The only times it is bad is when it allows the sear to interfere with hammer movement, or (on Series-80) it does not allow enough movement for the firing pin plunger to fully push up.

    If you are not familiar with how the trigger can have negative affects, I would suggest taking it to a smith who specializes (not just a "parts swapper")