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    I have a question for you guys. I just purchased a Colt 1911 Augusta Arsenal rework pistol with the orignal shiping box and receipt. Everything on the pistol is correct except for the rear sight. Its a two dot rear sight. Its parked like the rest of the pistol and matches the rest of the pistol perfectly. My question is this. Did they give the option to the buyer to have the original notch sight or an upgraded sight? If I have to get a notch sight will it match up ok? Pistol was manufactured in 1918. Thanks for your help.
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    May I suggest posting your question on the Colt forum?
    I've never seen a G.I. U.S. Arsenal Rework 1911A1 with white dot rear sights, but then again, I may have led a sheltered life.:confused:

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    Nope! I've never seen one like that, but I'm no expert. You either have a rare piece or someone switched it out. I think they closed AA in 1955, don't know when the last 1911s were reworked there.

    I have seen a bunch of 1911s that the front sight was not correct. I guess they have a tendency to fall off. The orig. 1911 front sight is hard to find so people ground a 1911A1 sight to fit.

    Finding an orig. rear sight? Might try Numrich or sarco? and thats assuming the groove hasn't been altered to accommodate the sight thats on there now.

    How hard would it be to rework the sight you have? Remove the dots? If you find out for sure its not orig.

    If I remember right, the Govt. released a ton of the AA marked 1911s from storage back around 1970 or so. They were like 50 bucks and people did some strange things to them.

    Here is a AA marked Colt 1911 from 1914 I picked up earlier this year. Does your rear sight have the same profile? Great old weapons! Good luck with your project. Ken



    U notch rear sight.
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