Colt 1903 32cal 1917

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  1. PackMan

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    Hi all,
    I got a colt 1903 about a year ago off gun broker and it was jammed up pretty bad, but I was able to fully disassemble. I went ahead and stripped and reblued everything and it actually looks pretty good. Have put a few hundred rounds through it and not one problem.

    The problem I am having is that the grip safety doesn't work. (the gun will fire without pressing it in)
    And when I pull the slide back theres a catch. ( it's not smooth like other 1903s I've handled.
    I'm pretty sure the problems are related.
    I've had it completely apart 5 times. Replaced all the springs and the leaf spring thing and still is not operating correctly

    Any ideas?
  2. mountainman13

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    Are you sure you put it back together right? Did you take a close look at the parts to see if anything is broken or peened?

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  3. The_Kid

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    I agree, you would need to provide images of relevant parts for one to more than speculate what the problem might be.
  4. danf_fl

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    The "catch" sounds almost like disconnector or disconnector cut-out on slide.

    For the fun of it, swap some parts out with another.
    Start with disconnector and sear first.
    Then the grip safety.

    No telling who or what attacked the insides.