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Just sent Colorado governor a letter that despite the beauty of his state I will not be spending any tourism dollars there. I cannot spend money that the taxes will be used to violate the rights of the citizenry.

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I'm writing a letter to the Governer. Hows it look? Anything I need to add, change, subtract, reword, ect?

Dear Governor Hickenlooper,

As both a freedom loving American, and a sportsman, I wish to inform you of my future plans that will affect your state. Due to the recent gun control bills that you willfully passed, I will no longer visit Colorado for any reason.

Any plans I had of vacationing, hunting or fishing will now be changed. I will choose instead to visit states that care about their people’s rights. States such as Wyoming, Montana, and Alaska.

These states offer just as much beauty as yours, and they offer great hunting and fishing just like yours does. What they do not have are laws that do nothing to stop criminals, and only succeed in punishing law abiding citizens.

Criminals have never been deterred by laws, that is why they are criminals. Gun laws have been proven to fail. I’m sure you remember the Columbine Massacre. That happened during the Clinton assault weapon ban, which was some of the strongest gun control in our nation’s history. It did absolutely nothing to prevent that shooting. That ban also included a high capacity magazine ban much like the one you are trying to force upon your state’s people. Once again, it did nothing to prevent that shooting, or any other crime.

Cities such as Chicago, New York, Las Angeles and Washington D.C. try to curve their crime rates by pushing more and more gun control laws down people’s throats. Yet, the crime rates only get worse. It is time politicians stop blaming the gun, and start blaming the criminal.
Your decision to sign that bill into law will have profound effects on your state. Magpul Industries threatened to leave Colorado, and take hundreds of jobs with it if you signed that bill. That will cost Colorado millions of dollars in lost revenue.

The Outdoors channel has not only pledged to not film in Colorado anymore, but to al launch a campaign to stop people from visiting Colorado for recreation. That will also cost your state millions, if not billions of dollars in lost revenue.

Millions of residents of your state are not happy with your decision to sign that bill. Many of them may choose to move to a state that actually cares about their God given rights. Many others will not forget. They will remember who signed that bill during the next election.

You have violated the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution, you have violated you people’s trust, and you have done a lot of harm to your state. That is why I will never again spend money within your state’s borders.

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