COLORADO Mag Ban starts 7/1/2013

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  1. Dgunsmith

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    IF you are a Colorado resident, the Hi-Cap mag ban, a gift from Colorado Democrats, begins July 1 .

    ANY magazine with a capacity of more than 15 rounds OR any mag that can be modified to accept more than 15 rounds may no longer be sold in Colorado.

    The modification clause makes the sale of 15 rd Glock, Beretta and SIG mags illegal due to the Plus 1 or Plus 2 bottoms from Pearce and Aredondo.

    A Lawsuit by the Colorado Sheriff's has been filed and is supported by Magpul, NRA, NSSF and others, to overturn this poorly worded law.

    Get your Hi-caps this week and they will remain legal IF purchased prior to July 1 and remain in your continuous possession.

    Remember Gov. Hickenlooper when he runs for re-election next year !:D
  2. DenverSteve

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    It doesn't at all. Our sales have, if anything, gone up. We have no storage of 10 & 15 round magazines. Many people make wrong assumptions. We were involved with the legislature during the process to make sure FFL dealers, and consumers, were protected.

    I have spent time speaking/teaching throughout the state to make sure small shops know the facts and how they will be effected. Our store is in Denver where there already was a 20 round limit and assault weapon ban. That hasn't hampered us from being the top black-gun dealer in the state or kept us from selling what we always have.
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  3. Waddy

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    Steve, are you saying that you can legally sell 20 round mags from your store? I'm not really connecting with your post. Did you mean to say "we have no SHORTAGE of 10 & 15 round magazines"?

    If you have 10 and/or 15 round magazines available for a Smith and Wesson M&P10 (.308 caliber), I am VERY interested in getting a few. Thanks.