Cold weather gear - what do you use?

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  1. indy36

    indy36 New Member

    Let's say it's zero to 25 out, that range. You're going shooting, clays or targets, and are going to be outside for 2 to 3 hours. What do you wear? What works well to keep you warm?
  2. nitestalker

    nitestalker New Member

    Humm? Zero degrees? I will be wearing a very light shirt and house shoes. I will be reloading shells for a better day to shoot.:D

  3. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....


    well since anything below 25 degrees is not likely, it depends on whether it's sunshine outside, or windy. windy and overcast or drizzle, i'll be inside.

    25 degrees and bright sunshine and little or no wind, usually a light jacket and thin gloves are usually enough for me.
  4. SSGN_Doc

    SSGN_Doc Well-Known Member

    Layers. Synthetics in layers.

    Danner thinsulate lined boots, Thorlo socks. Polypropylene long underwear on the lower half, Columbia long sleeve dry fit shirt under wool flannel shirt fleece jacket with a Gortex shell. A wool felt Stetson or a fleece beenie. I have a few gloves I rotate around.
  5. girlsluvguns2

    girlsluvguns2 New Member

    I have found Rocky and Mossy Oak from Walmart to work well. They have thermals that are fleece lined and slippery on the outside so they don't bunch up with the friction under my clothes. Bottoms I just wear them with jeans, the top I throw another long sleeved shirt over and my Schmidt (Carhart style jacket) from tractor supply.
    The most important thing for me is keeping my feet warm, wool socks with my Ariat leather hiking boots.
    Then next important is my ears, I wear a hat with sharpa lining and the ear flaps that I can snap up if I'm wearing ear muff style ear protection.
    I havnt found the perfect glove yet though, I probably have a dozen pair. I just take my thinnest pair and layer with some plastic medical gloves underneath.

    My husband splurged on Under Armor cold gear this year, shirt and gloves but he's working 7 days a week and hasn't had a chance to try them outside yet. In my opinion, the gloves still felt too bulky to have much dexterity with my fingers.

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  6. bungiex8e8

    bungiex8e8 New Member

    a pair of shorts and some wool socks no shoes
  7. chloeshooter

    chloeshooter New Member

    Well that would be a dang heat wave in these parts

    For shooting suggest lots of lose fitting layers. Thermals and jeans or insulated hunting pants/ Carharts
  8. GTX63

    GTX63 New Member

    Pocket warmers.
  9. seancslaughter

    seancslaughter New Member

    Everything the army issued me

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  10. orangello

    orangello New Member

    If it is that cold, and I AM outside, I would surely be wearing handcuffs or a coffin. BRRRRR!
  11. locutus

    locutus Well-Known Member Supporter

    Military (air force)surplus parka and parka pants, Goretex/thinsulate socks and thinsulate lined boots. Wool shirt and trousers. Thinsulate gloves.

    If it's much below zero, add fishnet underwear and ski mask as well.

    If you're still cold, get back in the truck and go home!:D
  12. DrFootball

    DrFootball disappointed & disgusted, But DETERMINED... Lifetime Supporter

    Depending on weather conditions besides temps.

    For "Just cold": wrangler flannel lined jeans( good luck finding them in any size over 42 waist. I had to get my pr. From a mail order place that's not carrying them any more...), reg grade thermal long bottoms. Pr. Of Dr.. Shoals' diabetic insulated tube socks(Knee hi), either Danner, or Columbia boots( I have two pr. Of timberlands but they stink for real cold weather stuff), long sleeve T under a flannel or heavy sweatshirt, and 1 of three middle layer jackets: a flannel shirt jacket, another pullover or zippered sweat jacket, or one of my fleece mid-weights under one of 4 outer jackets: my N2B heavy USN with hood, my Leather Flight Bomber jacket, my North Face Down, or my thinsulate carhardt,....I also have a 626 down filled vest/jacket(sleeves snap off). For snow I add an extra layer somewhere, and I have different gloves....I also have a pr. Of Mickey Mouse winter boots, and a pr. Of Rocky boots in mossy oak...

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  13. racer_x

    racer_x New Member

    Sweats and slippers , and not far from a heat source. lol

    sitting in my stand it would be
    wool socks and my roper work boots
    1 or 2 layers of thermals ive got a real thick pair , some camo pants
    under armor and mayb another layer on top to , more camo lol
    gloves I use are the removable mitten type , I hate wearing gloves I gata feel
    A thick orange binne for my head an ears

    If im still cold its the insulated bib overalls carhart , and my thick outback trading comp. coat
  14. TekGreg

    TekGreg Lifetime Supporting Member Lifetime Supporter

    Layers! No one piece of clothing can beat the trapped air insulation of layering. Thin first - light cotton/poly pants followed by thermals and then Gortex/Thinsulate trousers. Top is T-shirt, thermal, hoodie then Gortex/Thinsulate parka. Thin socks followed by wool socks and ankle-high boot. Thin cotton glove followed by padded shooting glove.

    For a little added boost, a ThermaCare heat wrap for neck and shoulders can be inserted without removing the parka - carry one in sealed bag until needed. Also, fire up the Zippo hand warmer at home and throw it in parka pocket. It stays hot for 15-18 hours and can instantly warm anything exposed, like a trigger finger. Take cold seriously and always have provision to warm up further.

    Retreat plan: Little Buddy portable heater to quickly heat shack, car, outhouse, closet - anything with four walls and a ceiling that'll hold heat and allow me to warm up. Larger unit could be used at shooting bench if placed on ground to warm ambient air.
  15. racer_x

    racer_x New Member

    Not enough can be said about them Little buddy heaters, its my house backup if the power goes out and stays out we all pile in one room and stay nice an warm
  16. bluez

    bluez Well-Known Member

    Layers, nothing fancy but a regular t shirt , a long sleeve t shirt , a thickk sweat shirts and over that a decent jacket.,
    Coupled with Tac gloves ,, long johns, regular boxers and the non-summer weight 5.11's, A good hat.

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  17. Donn

    Donn Active Member

    Carhartt hooded coat and overalls, arctic rated. Sorel pac boots. My old Army issue glove, with liner. One each, OD in color.
  18. USMCjtm

    USMCjtm New Member

    Considering where I live and the weather we've been seeing the last month. Probably a Tee shirt over a long sleeve cotton shirt, jeans, wool socks and a "beanie". I'll bring a light jacket, but doubt I'd need it.
    BTW it's 1800 hours and -6 F.
  19. jigs-n-fixture

    jigs-n-fixture Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

    Smart wool as a base.

    Then a wool shirt, bibbies and a jacket. How much insulation is in the bibbies and jacket is dependent on how cold it is, and what I will be doing.

    Smart Wool liner socks and wool blend boot socks. The boot selection is based on how cold it is and what I'm doing. I have boots that are rated to -10, -30, -50, and packs that will get me to -70. After that I'm inside, even if it's just a snow cave.

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  20. rn-cindy

    rn-cindy Active Member

    Do they still issue the wool glove liners..? I get them at a local Army surplus store for $4.99pr. Put them under a pair of the thin mechanix gloves and they are the best thing ever. You still have good dexterity, and fingers warm down to 0deg.