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    okay was at the range today shooting with brother. There was a couple shooting few lanes down and I said hello and went to lane shooting. After a bit, I walked over and talked with them on what they was shooting and how they was doing. Well, about 20 minutes later they guy came over had a problem with pistol, I helped him. Little later he came over and asked if I could help his g/f, she was shooting super low and he didn't know how to help her. I talked with her and then asked her to take few shots. The gave her some little coaching and still way off. After stopping and talking I coached her into descent groups little above the bull. She was very happy and thanked me.
    Now, here is what perplexed me. One, she was right handed and left eye dominate (crosseye), which they didn't know. Nothing new, no problem, now here is the rub, she in near sighted in right eye and far sighted in left. Very complexing situation to try and figure how to to get the person to shoot well.
    Any advice for me to help her?
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    Let her use your laser sight? That is tough.

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    Have her buy a rifle. Lol
    She'll be fine with practice. You did well.
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    prescription safety glasses.jpg

    She should be wearing shooting/ safety glasses, and she needs corrective lenses. No coaching will overcome not being able to see what you are doing. Would go for the farsighted eye, concentrate on target in focus.
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    I have a similar problem. I am right handed and left eye dominant. With glasses on I can see the targets well, but not the front sights. I shoot without glasses and lean my head to bring the sights to my left eye with revolvers or pistols. This works for me, and I shoot handguns well out to about 50 feet, and shoot fair out to 75.

    With a rifle I shoot somewhat normally, still without glasses. My right eye focuses on the sights which I see and the target fades. I can stay on a 9" target at 100 yards, but will never shoot tight groups without a scope,
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    There is range I don't go to despite their exciting line up of stuff to do. Why? They say no corrective lenses. You must wear their safety glasses. I paid $300 for polycarbonate lenses. I am not taking them off to wear something less protective. The young lady in the OP has the same issue.
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    If I took off my corrective lenses to put on shooting glasses everyone on the range would be in danger! :eek:
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    Cloudy cellaphane tape works wonders on corrective lenses.
    Then you are not force to close one eye, but it blurs the vision enough so the other sees clear.
    The the muscles in the face do not get tired so quickly.