Coach Viedotaped Girls Locker Room

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    This scumbag coach and teacher videotaped school girls in the locker room. He also had kiddie porn on his home computer. The videotaping was found out after the coach was fired for having male porn on his school computer.

    The former coach admitted that he "has a problem with sexual deviancy". He was released on $40,000 bail; a real sweetheart deal. Wonder why the local cops and prosecutor never called the feds?

    Nearly every week a school girl is raped or molested somewhere in OK by a teacher, coach or administrator. They just transfer the scumbags so they can do it again.

    Police: Former Coach Taped Girl Athletes In Locker Room - Oklahoma City News Story - KOCO Oklahoma City

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    I am not a father but I have 7 beautiful nieces and nephews. I wonder where the parents are and what they must be going through with the children. If anything even remotely as disturbing as this happened to one of my nieces/nephews I wouldn't hesitate for 1 second to burn the person to the ground! :mad:

    This kind of subhuman behavior needs to be put to an end! :mad::mad::mad:

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    Oh my goodness if my girls were in that video I would really hurt that man!!!:mad:
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    Damn I am glad I'm not a teacher can you believe all the crap you are supposed to do & be as a teacher? I personally think this guy needs to be locked up & supervised for life, but I can't imagine just how good a citizen a person would hafta be in order to be a good teacher & be all happy with the piece of poo called a paycheck most of them get
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    I have two daughters and three granddaughters. I believe I would come unwound if it had been one of mine! Would not be a pretty thing! Probably would be good to have it neutered at a low cost vet clinic to see if that would help and if not then just surgical removal! If that would not take care of the problem, he needs to be somebody's bi*** in a maximum security lockup for life, his not ours!!! JMHO!!
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    The Lovely Mrs is an elementary teacher. Paid pretty well here in AK. Not well enough. I wouldn't do her job and put up with the poultry poo for twice the money. And I'm a plumber.:eek: That said, however, any perv who traffics in kiddie porn or molests children deserves no compassion from anyone.
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    From what I see in the news, smart perverts head for teaching & bullies seem to become security guards & cops
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    This guy will be easy to spot, with all those lumps on his friggin head!! :mad: