CNY is flooding like crazy!

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by WebleyFosbery38, Jul 2, 2013.

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    After watching the coverage on the wildfires out west, I cant help but wish we could send the massive rainfall were getting their way. Weve gotten the equivalent to about 8 months worth of rain in the last 2 weeks alone! Im one of the lucky ones, our home is on a giant hill, we had lots of water but my sump pumps kept up with it so were OK.

    Andy Coumo showed up yesterday to check things out, gave a speech and off he went! Im pretty sure he knows we upstate dont care much for him or his words of wisdom and consolation. Our County was one of the first to tell him to shove his safe act up his fourth point of contact.

    Oneida is only about 12 miles from my home, it was devastated. Our entire area is just saturated so daily rain keeps bringing more flooding. Were not huge like New Orleans or The Jersey Boardwalk so I dont expect the Feds here anytime soon. I have lots of friends who are waiting to see whats left of their homes once they are allowed back in, its not likely to be a good surprise.

    Were pretty resilient in Upstate NY, I dont expect we will get much assistance from FEMA or others but we will rise up and quickly! Please send your thoughts and prayers for our area to recover. I will pray the rain heads out west!

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    Well keep your powder dry and stay safe!