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    It was my day all the way today, rode up to the South CMP to find me a Garand. All they had was Field grade which was ok by me cuz thats what i wanted and could afford. No other grades other then collectors grade on the racks. Anways !!!! I had looked at a couple then went to the counter and got a muzzle gauge, they will let you borrow one if ya ask. I had no more looked at about 3 when one stood out and gauged great. Bout that time the older guy that works there named Leon came over to help me.We both gauged it and WoW The muzzel Gauged at 1 1/2 at the most and the throat gauged at 1/2 Wow !! We broke it down and found all matching parts OMG !! Looking closer at the stock with the parts off we find that the stock has been bedded aparenty came off a match rifle. Leon says this one was marked wrong and was suspose to be a higher grade and was waiting for the worst but I got it for the price of 495 Most of the guys there had to inspect it and offered to take it off my hands..dont think so !! Not bad for my first Garand.



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    I dunno, I think you really got taken. I don't think you should hang on to it, I might be able to let you cut your losses by taking it off your hands..;)

    That is one sweet find, good for you. I am glad that they stuck with the original price for you, let us know how she shoots.
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    You're always a winner with the CMP. Always had good experiences with them.
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    The first M1 I received from them was in the days of only one per person per lifetime. It had the National Match barrel installed and the trigger group was bedded already. Loaded some match equivalent 168gr rounds for it and was pleasantly surprised when it consistently shot 1.5" or less. Those days are over now since they actually grade them and sell accordingly.