CMP 30 cal carbine ammo update.

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    My order for 500 rounds of Aguila 30 cal carbine placed July 10, 2009 with CMP was shipped January 23, 2010. I paid $150 for the case. CMP is not taking orders at for the carbine ammo.
    Below is statement from CMP 11/25/2009.
    PRICE INCREASES FOR AGUILA AMMO: We have been informed of price increases for all Aguila ammo and, as a result, will have to increase the prices we charge our customers and clubs, etc. New prices are effective immediately. However, any orders already in-house or on backorder prior to increase will get old price. New prices, once we again begin accepting orders for this ammo, will be: .30 carbine item 438A - $200 per case; .22LR Standard velocity item 419ASVSE - $230 per case; .22LR Golden Eagle item 419ASVGE - $305 per case. Please note that CMP is currently not accepting orders for any Aguila ammo, but new prices will be in effect once we do resume taking orders.