CMMG Bargain bin experience?

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    Anyone here bought CMMG bargain bin M4? What's your experience, good or bad? Buyers remorse or do it again in a heartbeat?

    Thank you.


    Chrome Lined Bargain Bin 16 inch M4

    We are only accepting orders for these online. Do not call us about these rifles. There are no further discounts or quantity discounts. Once we have run through our current inventory, no back orders will be taken for these.

    These won't win any beauty contests, but if you are looking for an affordable shooter, look no further! All rifles are M4 upper receivers and consist of trade-ins, demos, scratched, dented, discolored, over-runs, special buys, uglies, etc. All rifles have been head spaced and test fired and function correctly when shipped. Rifles are sold as-is with no returns.

    If in doubt, inquire online, the feedback from these last year was phenomenal. Don't wait too long, these won't last long.

    1/7 twist Barrels are chrome lined for years and years of trouble free operation!

    Hand picked rifles will be for over all cosmetics. There is NO choice of make. Rifle includes what is pictured only, no accessories! Lower receiver brands will be Armalite/Eagle, DPMS, Doublestar and CMMG. Actual rifle may vary from photo.
    Part Number: *

    Price: $650.00
    Hand Picked:
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  2. moshpit

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    If just looking for a fun way to blow 650 bucks, then I would consider this for a nice side project. I wouldn't make it my primary home defense weapon build basis though. But I've always been perhaps unnecessarily over cautious about used quality weapon hardware.

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    As is, no returns,,,
    Kills that ad for me !
  4. 556plinker

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    bargain bin


    I bought a 16" midlength and an 18" rifle length out of the bargain bin for 650 apiece out of one of their retailers in columbia, mo. Theyh both had double star lowers. I questioned the clerk about the specifics and they are as follows: The lowers were stripped lowers and assembled by cmmg
    The uppers were completely cmmg but I dont know about the barrel because it is not marked and I dont know from what manufacturer.
    They were both chrome lined with the m4 feed ramps
    They looked normal with no blemished so I asked why were they in the bargain bin....The finishes between the upper and lower were slightly different but I didn't notice it until it was pointed out to me.
    I ran 200 rounds between the two with no malfunctions.

    NOW, they did have one trash can gun which was appropriatlely labeled and sold for 500 but it was obviously used for extensive testing and pretty beat up...these are not the typical Bargain Bin gun. MIne were what I wuld consider in pristine condition except for the finish which I didn't even notice until it was pointed out to me. Everything fit well and functioned properly and I am beyond satisfied. This is of course with only 100 rounds apice ran thruogh each rifle. Black Rifle in columbia, MO was the particular retailer and I'm ASSUMING they probably get the cherry picked seconds because they are in close proximity to CMMG's hometown of Fayette and probably have a better relationship with them than most of the other retailers. I have no problems with this particular "bargain bin".
  5. Shihan

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    For $700 you can get a New Del-Ton AR complete with Hard case, Sling, 2 Mags and cleaning kit. If you are looking for a complete Rifle.

    Most others here will tell you to build one yourself and you can do it for the price you are looking at. I plan on building my next one. My 2 cents.
  6. 556plinker

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    cmmg's...bargain bin

    I went the semi annual gun show in columbia, mo and CMMG had a table there. I asked about the BARREL MANUFACTURER. The bargain bins are all cmmg barrels but they are not engraved with "cmmg" That should add some clarity to the barrel issue that I alluded to in my earlier post. The $600 guns are NOT chrome lined barrels the $650 guns are chrome lined. Basically everything is new, assembled and made by cmmg except the lower which may or may not be cmmg. It could be dpms, doublestar or any other mil-spec manufacturer. All of the guns I seen on the table were the result of the finish not matching between the upper and lower and hardly noticeable. I didn't see scratched and dinged stuff.
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    black rifle and cmmg are kind of tied together, it is pretty much cmmgs store since they no longer sell out of the manufacturing facility. like was mentioned above, the bargin bin guns are new with the exception of the lower. from my expirence cmmg makes a good rifle
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    I've never seen one first hand but every report I've read about them are good. Still, for a little more you can build a brand new AR and that's what I did. I wanted to select every part that when into my rifle so I paid $150 more.