Clones of the P7M8?

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by countrybumpkin, May 22, 2007.

  1. countrybumpkin

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    Does HK have such a tight reign on their patents that no one is able to make a clone of the model?
  2. Dgunsmith

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    P7M7 Clones ?

    HK is very protective oftheir designs...however

    Having refinished many HK P series pistols, you would have such costs and night mares trying to copy one and sell it for a profit, it would NOT be en economically valid project to pursue.

    Due to design & function, it is a pistol for a 1 pistol person, due to how it works.

    Too many better pistols on the market is why HK discontinued them.

  3. BrassMonkey

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    Another problem with the P7 is the cost of magazines. I considered one till I found out how rare, and expensive spare mags were :eek: . Also Hk does keep a tight grip on their patents as well, although Hk clones do exist. My guess is that nobody sees a P7 clone as being profitable. P7 collectors see them as a status symbol, and a clone would not have much appeal.
  4. Cliff47

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    After seening a couple of H&K P7's at a gun show, I determined that my recreation fund was nowhere near large enough to purchase one of those jewels. That's not a handgun, it's a lifestyle. I also determined the extra magazines were made from unobtanium, and priced well north of nonafforduim.
  5. FALPhil

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    First generation P7s with the mag catch in the traditional European position are commonly found for less than $700.

    Frankly, I don't find the squeeze cocker very desirable. I think you would be better off spending your hard earned dollars on a C-96 with the stock/holster. They are almost as unique as the P7, are appreciating faster, shoot a more powerful round and have a much greater "cool" factor. After all, Han Solo didn't choose a P7!