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Climbing stands

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I know this is a gun place but I know most of us hunt... I'm in the market for a climbing stand and wanted to hear everyone's opinion on wat to get... I was looking at the gorilla grey back or the summit classic.... Trying to stay under 200$ .. Let's hear ur opinions
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My buddy swears by summit products. I have been in his stand a few times. Works very nice anf is very comfy. A lot better that those old hanging stand I made years ago that I still use.
Check out the Gunslinger climbing stand. It is one of the easiest to climb with that I have ever had. It is super comfortable as well, but it is in the $300 price range.
I was going to suggest API Outdoors which are excellent climbers,I have a magnum that i've had since it first came out on the market....But wow how their prices have escalated!! :eek: since I bought my climber.
I have a summit viper classic and I love it. It is very comfortable (maybe too comfortable:)) and i got it for around $180 from the lgs.
I think Summit is offering their Classic Viper (steel model) for around $140 now. I saw an ad for one recently at that price point. Good stand, but hopefully you don't have to haul it too far, because it is heavy.

I've been using Summit stands since their inception in the early '80s. I'm using an older Viper aluminum model currently, and several of their hang-on models with SwiftTree and BuckSteps accessories. They are all quality products.

I hear good things about the TreeWalker stand and Lone Wolf products, too, but they are a bit more expensive than what you want to spend.
I either want the summit classic or the gorilla grey back.. I'm headed to the store today to try them out , thanks guys
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