Cleanliness is next to godliness

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    Dont know about other environments but up north the number 1 rule is stay clean. While shaving is usually avoided because it removes oils on your skin that keep your face alive if you are covered in sweat or mud you will soon freeze to death as sweat freezes before evaporating and mud just sucks. dont know how much help this will be to most of you but if any of you ever go up north remember to bring soap and a towel.
  2. skullcrusher

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    Won't the soap wash the oils from your face?

    Shaving is fine in cold climates as long as one shaves at night and indoors. The oils will help protect your face during the day while out foraging or hunting.

  3. AverageJoe

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    It will but the top layer of the skin will be there to protect your skin until the oils get back. shaving takes away the top layer
  4. skullcrusher

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    In a survival situation in a cold climate I would rather stay dry than clean. Water feeezes at a higher temp than sweat. Base layers should be of moisture wicking material, not cotton. The mud once dry offers protection, insulation and a cool way to avoid Predator.
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    When talking cleanliness in a survival situation it is also a good morale booster. Even the best case scenarios can become mentally taxing if you smell horrible, constantly covered in crap, and had no way to refresh. This is why I keep two packages of baby wipes in my Bug out bag. Your body can survive just about anything, it's the mind that most often fails. I've never really thought about the shaving thing. I just thought I would grow it out in winter and shave in the summer. good food for thought though
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    Seriously, cleanliness and hygiene are essential for day-to-day life AND become even more essential for long-term survival situations. If you end up camping out for months or living in a temporary trailer, you need to be very squared away. Otherwise, you could end up dealing with everything from jungle rot to intestinal problems to athletes foot. :eek:

    Seven Sanitary Routines for a Healthier Home

    It's fun to think that if SHTF happens, we all get to be macho men. But, in reality, we still have to clean food preparation surfaces and--even worse--we have to try to make the basket with our underwear. Kind of a bummer. :(
  7. DrumJunkie

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    Shaving? Bah! :p

    "Like my beard?
    Aint it Weird?
    Don't be Skeerd
    It's just a beard..."

    George Carlin ;)
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    I'm with Drum, why start shaving in a survival situation? Let it grow!
  9. Rex in OTZ

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    Dirt & stink is still dirt & stink

    It its hot out definately clean shaven is the way
    Its 7:30am its 78degrees above zero as the day progresses, you sweat while working and it saturates your clothes, your t-shirt sticks to you and your hat is soaked with perspiration, sweat dripping off your nose while working, why would you want the salts on you?? soon you would stink for not washing, it is uncomfortable and unhealthy, nothing like sweat sores, acne from dirty linnen, who can sleep comfortably after getting all sweaty.
    I lived in a area with a high water table the humidity was horrible each breath was a labor, at the first break at the welding shop my welding leathers would be soaked through with sweat and by the time break was over the leathers were white with salt. we would wash at the hydrant washing off the stale sweat, wash the sweat out the cap so it was cool and dident stink.
    that was some my life as a kid working on a Nebraska Ranch and as a fabrication welder.
    25 years latter I live 30 miles above the arctic circle on the Northwest coast of Alaska, the last 20 above the arctic circle, I dont wash as regularly as I did when it was so humid and hot,Early on I used to shower every morning before work and when I got off work as I was a Aircraft mechanic and dident like having oils, solvents and chemicals on my skin for any length of time, thats two showers twice a day, I had dry skin so bad it was painfull to walk, I learned that living in my environment you tailor your clenliness to fit the situation.
    It minus 27farienheight with a fifteen mile wind off the sea ice, its colder than a ditch diggers hinie, you are happy to have a beard to trap a layer of warm air next to your skin, makes your eyes water, stinging your skin burning nose throaght and ear lobes that are exposed. you wear your hair short though, sweating in a arctic environemnt is bad, heat loss from saturated insulation. I am a little more dirty & stinkey in a colder environment than a hot one as I work out doors and its cold out, Ive washed my hands with GoJo hand cleaner and used snow to wash off the GoJO and wiped dry on my coveralls or shop rag.
    I still bathe when my body sweats, I wash my face regularly (cuts down on sweat sores) ever notice them lumps along a guy's temples?? its not washing causes them see it allot in Alaska, I worked with a guy that has huge ones looked like you cut a egg yolk in half and jambed it under his skin, seen a couple co-workers that had them behind ther ears (hard working with a guy that has swollen black heads the size of a penny gum ball!!) it wont kill you but it aint right either.
    No matter how poor someone is, they can still afford a bar of soap and wash water, beats the alternative, I lived in Barrow Alaska for a time in a home with a water barrel and honney bucket and a old maytag wringerwasher.
    The only folk that revil in filth are misguided assumption they work hard? most oftin they dont garner much respect, why respect somebody that dont respect ther own apperance?
    Ive seen first hand well groomed Alaska bush folk that live OFF the grid.
    Cleanliness defines who you are.
    When cleanliness was outlined in the Bible it was to set a standard of cleanliness in a age where filth and misery were common place, filth lead of lots of health issues, oftimes with deadly results.
    The church needed butts to fill the seats and pay tribute to the church the only way to have lots of people was to keep them clean & health, both inside and outside.
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