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Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by tenntyrant, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. tenntyrant

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    Do I need to use a brass bore brush or should I use the plastic or what ever it's called bore brush when cleaning my 1911? And should I use some sort of grease or will good quality gun oil be sufficient to lube the gun?
  2. Muliemaster

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    Try a bronze brush they are great

  3. Muliemaster

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    I use mpro 7 oil in both my 1911a with great results, there are many quality oils but I shy away from rem oil, its to light an collects dust real bad
  4. im413

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    I like using Pro7 bore gel and Wilson Combat Grease.
  5. Chainfire

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    You are going to find a thousand different answers to your questions.

    I use a bronze brush, CLP on everthing else and a light coating of silicone grease on the rails. I have been shooting this particular 1911 since 1987 and it hasn't let me down. That said, I bet there are another thousand combinations of cleaning and lubricating that work just as well. I would even bet that you could do no cleaning or lubricating and go for years without any problems.
  6. canebrake

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    Best advice, buy the highest quality you can afford!

    Good cleaning tools are an investment and should have as much pre-purchase research as did your gun selection.

    I've used them all and can save you the time and $$$ with my recommendations. (Just remember this is subjective and don't get yourself confused with the Chevy vs Ford thingie.)

    Here are my minimum requirements for gun maintenance: (provided links are for visual reference, SHOP around!)

    Hardware (get dedicated tools and keep them in a cleaning box marked (insert your gun here) and don't mix them with your other gun/caliber equipment.)

    • Solvent(s) Get the Hoppes #9
      I like/use Hoppe's #9 Semi-Auto Bore Cleaning Solvent Hoppe's #9 Semi-Auto Bore Cleaning Solvent - MidwayUSA
    • Lube(s) (can't beat the default; Rem Oil)
      I blend my own. Cane's "Mobil Mystery", 90% Mobil 1 / 10% Marvel Mystery.
      [​IMG] + [​IMG]
    • Patches (get caliber-specific size patches and DON'T mix them!)
    • Q-Tips (can't clean guns without them!)

    1. Use only properly sized tools (if you don't have that .45 bore brush, get one!)
    2. Clean your gun barrel in the same direction the bullet travels (on your gun, with the barrel removed, push the brush from breech to muzzle, remove the brush and pull the rod out, IOW, don't run it back-and-forth)
    3. Use a fresh patch on each pass (patches are cheap, barrels are expensive)
    4. DO NOT drag a dirty patch back through the "just cleaned" barrel
    5. Disassemble your gun only to the level required to access areas where fouling reaches
    6. Cleaning your gun requires a clean work area. The idea is to remove, not add dirt
    7. When it comes to lube, lighter is better (pass a lightly lubed bore mop 2-3 times instead of a oil soaked and dripping mop once)
    8. Lube needs to be present, not seen (visual) to work (see # 7 above)
  7. tenntyrant

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    I just ordered some of what you suggested I all ready have a cleaning rod and patches thanks for the info.