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Discussion in 'Cleaning and Maintenance' started by JeeperSC, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. JeeperSC

    JeeperSC New Member

    Not sure how this happened, it belongs to a friend. Any advise on getting this off? Or is the gun screwed?

  2. trip286

    trip286 New Member

    What the ****ing ****? Beat that rust off on his damn face.

    The finish is done on that one. Strip and refinish.

    The gun itself should be fine, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to replace all internals that show a similar level of corrosion.

  3. Jstrong

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    Id tell him to turn it in for proper destruction.
    And not to buy another gun. That level of rust almost assuredly has pitted the metal and if you have pitting on any important parts its more than likely not safe to fire.

    How do you neglect a gun like that? I mean if it was a $80 beater shotgun in your truck toolbox then that's one thing. But a smith and Wesson bodyguard is another thing.
  4. c3shooter

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    1. Take gun apart.
    2. Wet all parts with a good penetrating oil.
    3. Let set for 24 hrs
    4. While waiting beat the idiot that did that with a ball bat
    5. Use a Chore-Boy COPPER pot scrubber. Wet it with same oil, rub gently by hand.
    6. Gun will turn coppery color. Wet with some MORE oil, rub with clean soft cloth (color comes off)

    Blueing is probably shot. Above will make it look BETTER, but only a reblue would make it look GOOD.

    Repeat step 4 as needed. Best penetrating oil made is KROIL, made by Kano labs. Google is your friend.
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  5. indy36

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    WTF? Face palm! Poor little gun.
  6. JeeperSC

    JeeperSC New Member

    I hate seeing it like this because I have one just like it. It's an awesome gun and shoots great for its size.

    He said he left it in his trunk in the nylon case it came with. And condensation must have gotten to it.he literally walked out to my car, handed to me, and asked if it could be fixed. That's when I snapped that photo! Lol
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  7. Steel_Talon

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    0000 steel wool with a 50/50 mix of Kroil and Shooters Choice bore cleaner. Remove rust wipe the pistol down well I'd then treat with Eesox or Miltec-1. Check internals for Rust (springs etc) R&R what's needed.

    Learn to wipe down daily after each carry. Never store pistol in holster when not in use. When storing firearms in safe or lock box have a humidification dryer device present even simple clay packs

    You can have a smith refinish the pistol also.

    Chit happens, but it is easy to prevent with a little daily care.